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Dorms raise money for Katrina

When resident assistants from campus residence halls gathered Wednesday night in Milton Daniel Hall, a collection of donations for hurricane victims punctuated the standard fare of awards and announcements.Barbara Hawkins, the associate director of residential life, said the RA all-hall is basically for RAs on campus to get together, make announcements and give out individual awards.

Digital TV recorder available at TCU

Busy college students are saying goodbye to the VCR and welcoming TiVo, a digital technology that allows viewers to record shows anytime automatically on a timer without the use of tapes. "I love TiVo," Brian Greaves, a junior advertising/public relations major, said. "It's easy, and I am pretty busy, so I want to make sure the shows I like get recorded."

He said he shares his machine with three other roommates in their on-campus apartment.

TCU Police look to hire new Froggie-Five-O driver

With the beginning of each semester, the TCU Police have the task of filling spots for Froggie-Five-O drivers.Pam Christian, a crime prevention officer for TCU, said the TCU Police hired one new driver and will hire one more to fill vacant spots on the staff this semester.

Carter Schimpff, a freshman business major who recently completed his training as a driver, said he enjoys working for Froggie-Five-O.

Alumnus gives men a hand with asking for hers

Will you marry me? The art of the proposal and these four simple words have been changing lives forever.

Mike Bloomberg, a TCU graduate with a master's degree in liberal arts, has taken this delicate ritual of love and turned it into a profitable business with many satisfied customers.

Bloomberg, who graduated in 1999, owns and runs his own business, An Exclusive Engagement. Bloomberg offers his services, creativity and connections to customers who are planning to pop the question.

Volleyball team heads to Denver

The volleyball team will head to Denver this weekend to compete in its second invitational tournament against schools from around the nation.TCU competed in a tournament last weekend at George Mason, where it finished with a 3-1 record. Head volleyball coach Prentice Lewis became TCU's all-time winningest coach with a victory over Seton Hall in the tournament.

"There are a lot of hopeful teams we will be playing in the upcoming tournament, and I am glad to be going," Lewis said.

Lewis said Anna Vaughn, a junior middle blocker, has come far this season.

Comedy group returns for its fifth season

Senseless Acts of Comedy will kick off the new year with a show at 9 p.m. Thursday in Moudy Building North, Room 141.The student improvisational comedy group now has six members with four returning from last year's cast.

"We are really excited for this upcoming year and we have two new members who are freshman that are really great," said Austin Hines, a senior radio-TV-film major and the president of Senseless Acts of Comedy.

The comedy troupe is beginning it's fourth year at TCU and is expecting to have a full house Thursday night.

‘Low budget sure keeps me on my toes; I count every...

decorating an apartment or college dorm can be quite the task - both expensive and tiring - but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. A little creativity can go a long way.Freshman roommates Megan Harlow and Jessica Cox found creative ways to organize their Colby Hall dorm room.

"I have a lot of shoes, so I got this really cool shoe hanger from Bed Bath and Beyond," Harlow, an interior design major, said.

Cox, a radio-TV-film major, said a picture board above her desk was fun and easy to make.

Dynasty aims to leave mark on local scene

Fort Worth's own Black Tie Dynasty has a loyal fan base that even lead vocalist Cory Watson said is hard to come by with a unique sound in a growing conservative atmosphere."Black Tie is really something different; our sound is really a lot more synthesized than a lot of local talent out there," Watson said. "It's almost like British pop."

On its first release, titled "This Stays Between Us," the keyboard talent of Brian McQuorcadale is a strong presence that has become a signature sound for the band.

Reaching higher ground

Officials say more than 30 students from the Metroplex, who are enrolled in universities in the New Orleans area, contacted TCU by Wednesday about its offer of admission to fall classes.Four have already enrolled, offials reported.

In a campuswide e-mail, Chancellor Victor Boschini said TCU will be admitting students who were attending colleges that were evacuated due to Hurricane Katrina.

Overcrowding remains an issue this fall

More than 20 students found themselves still living in residence hall lounges Tuesday, and university officials say the overcrowding issue may not be resolved...
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