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“American Idol” creators must offer something fresh

Something my beloved high school physics teacher once said is ringing loudly in my ears. In the fall of 2002, he sarcastically mused about...

Independent candidates impaired by needless regulations

The Kinkster's grassroots campaign is cruising along full speed ahead. With a little luck and, oh, 45,540 signatures, he'll have just enough steam to generate the results he's been working so hard to achieve: his name on the ballot for Texas governor. Only after this pesky petition roadblock has been cleared can he focus his efforts on the actual gubernatorial election itself.Kinky Friedman, published satirist, musician, close comrade of Willie Nelson, and, above all, proud Texan, has been traversing the state, flying his independent flag and mustering up support for his campaign.

Netflix policy leaves frequent renters cheated

Like a loyal, loving relationship gone sadly awry, the magic has fled from my romance with Netflix. Don't get me wrong - as a film enthusiast and rent-a-holic, I still have an appreciation for the ubiquitous online movie rental business. There will always be a fond place in my heart for the ever-so-convenient service that usurped Blockbuster in nearly all respects.

In the beginning, I, like many others, signed up for a two-week free trial with Netflix. I must confess that those two weeks were nothing short of magical movie-rental bliss.

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