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Lady Frog juggles family, school

A day in the life of a college student consists of classes, studying and work, but one TCU student has much more on her plate.The women's basketball season has just begun and JimAnne Hejny has not only had to juggle practices, games and schoolwork but being a wife and mother as well.

JimAnne Hejny, formerly JimAnne Baker, married former Horned Frogs defensive lineman Jesse Hejny in the summer of 2005.

Theologians attend Brite’s forum on black preaching

Preaching can change lives, nations and the world, said a reverend Tuesday, in a sermon that ended the second annual Power of Black Preaching Forum. The Rev. Frank Thomas said Tuesday's sermon was about the fear of failure.

"Mistakes can be lived through, and failures can be faced," Thomas said.

He also said many people are afraid of failure.

"Many of us are afraid to fail and think that if we fail, our world falls apart, and we feel worthless," Thomas said. "To fail is to be human."

New white-paper concept will combine department ideas

Vision in Action committee members met with faculty and staff at the Student Center on Monday to talk about changes in the application process...

Frogs’ consistency lacking, coach says

With the men's golf fall season coming to an end, the Frogs are looking to regain focus so the team does not repeat the performance it had at this past weekend's tournament, said Bill Montigel, the head men's golf coach.The team placed 11th among the 15-team field this weekend at the annual Ridges Intercollegiate in Jonesborough, Tenn.

For the first time in seven years, the team finished outside the top three.

dorm daze…

College life means freedom. Freedom to wake up whenever you want, freedom to go to class if you want to or not and freedom to decorate your room however you want.Each of the 2,989 students who live in TCU's residence halls can be their own interior decorator - the challenge is doing that on a college budget.

Decorating your dorm room or apartment is part of the college experience, said Daundria Randolph, a sophomore social work major living in Sherley Hall. It involves making your own decisions.

Five men’s golf players to tee-off in Tennessee

Five members of the men's golf team left Thursday for Tennessee to play in its fourth tournament of the season.Players will participate at The Ridges Intercollegiate tournament this weekend at the Ridges Golf & Country Club in Jonesboro, Tenn.

This is one of the better courses of the year and the players are always excited to compete at this tournament, said Bill Montigel, head coach of the men's golf team.

MCAT receives new format, provides more testing days

Students who recently took the Medical College Admission Test are some of the last to view it in its pencil and paper format.Starting January 2007, the MCAT will only be offered in a computerized format, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Kristi Tebo, a junior neuroscience major, took the MCAT in August and is scheduled to receive the results of her test on Saturday.

"I am hoping I did as well as I did in the prep tests I took before," said Tebo, who took about nine prep tests with Kaplan.

Online Exclusive!!! Inquiring minds quiz CNN correspondent, neurosurgeon before Honors Forum

Students' questions ranged from what a CNN medical correspondent's IQ is to how he spends his free time at Tuesday's question and answer session before the Fogelson Honors Forum.The forum featured CNN medical correspondent and pop culture icon Sanjay Gupta who answered various questions from students during Tuesday's question-and-answer session in the Kelly Alumni Center.

Gupta, who started medical school right out of high school, is now a 36-year-old practicing neurosurgeon in Atlanta hospitals in addition to his role with CNN.

Sudden rainfall gets mixed reactions

The 24-hour change in weather from Monday's clear skies to yesterday's thunderstorms has meant both good and bad things for students and faculty.Melissa Pecorello, a junior psychology major from New York, said she has experienced a lot of rain, but not like the conditions in Texas.

"The weather patterns here are really weird," said Pecorello, who commutes everyday. She also said she had a hard time driving on the slippery highways yesterday.

Admissions staff travels, aims to find prospective students

The season for recruiting has begun, and campus admissions counselors are at high schools around the world scouting prospective students.The heavy recruiting season is from early September to late November, and a group of about 15 staff members in admissions are visiting 35 states and 25 countries this year, said Ray Brown, dean of admissions.

Brown, who in previous years traveled to recruit in England and Scotland, just returned from a week-long trip visiting 12 high schools all over the Hawaiian Islands.

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