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Fence delayed by month

The completion of the steel and brick fence around Worth Hills has been delayed until Sept. 29, about a month after the original completion date, said the associate director of major projects. The bricks for the fence's columns, which were ordered in June from Acme Bricks, arrived two weeks ago, said Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects at the Physical Plant.

"The brick manufacturing plant probably just bumped us down in priority since we were not ordering so many bricks," said Leeman.

Dean: New SAT test lowers scores, admissions standards stay the same

Nationally, the graduating class of 2006 had the sharpest drop in SAT scores in 31 years. While scores are dropping, admissions standards at TCU are not, said the dean of admissions.TCU actually has better students this year than before because the average GPA and class ranks have gone up in the applications, said Ray Brown, dean of admissions.

"We have as many 1200s this year as years before," Brown said. "We look at everything about the applicant, not just SAT scores because we want to know who the applicant is."

Annual art show displays work of graduate student, regional artists

The 24th annual Art in the Metroplex is showing new works by 40 artists, including one TCU student, from 16 North Texas counties at the University Art Gallery in Moudy Building North Room 141.The only TCU student whose work is shown at the gallery is Randy Bacon, a fine arts graduate student, who said he paints landscapes based on panoramic photographs he takes while traveling.

"I get my ideas from pictures I take from driving on the road and use my windshield as my cropping device," Bacon said.

Bacon added that he averages three paintings a month.

Old rivalry brings high attendance

TCU and Baylor may not be in the Southwest Conference anymore, but when these two teams played each other for the first time in...

Katrina evacuees transfer elsewhere

Out of the 47 misplaced students who enrolled at TCU after Hurricane Katrina hit, seven students still attend; the remainder have transferred elsewhere or returned to New Orleans, said the dean of admissions.Ray Brown, dean of admissions, said he worked with more than 200 students in August 2005, but was only able to admit 47 students because TCU was already at full capacity before the hurricane hit.

Aaron Newton, 23, said he was forced to return home to Fort Worth when Xavier University in Louisiana closed after Hurricane Katrina.

Death Row inmate given too much special treatment

The law requires that inmates understand why they are being executed.Fifteen years ago this month, a Tarrant County jury condemned Steven Kenneth Staley to...
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