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Sweet Nothings by Stephanie take Austin favorite north

When Stephanie Sproull planned her cupcake business, the young entrepreneur wanted to bring some of Austin's weirdness to Fort Worth. Sweet Nothings by Stephanie was...

Season tickets should be flexible to keep prices lower

An increase in 2011 football faculty and staff season ticket sales would not be a surprise after the Frogs' Rose Bowl victory in January,...

Health Center under scrutiny from students

For students, experiences at the Brown-Lupton Health Center are varied. "I really don't trust enough honestly to go," junior social work major Taylor Fulk...

Texas lawmakers propose soda tax

Texas lawmakers are proposing a tax that would increase soda prices one cent per ounce for both diet and regular soft drinks. Brownsville State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. originally introduced the tax as a way to increase the Texas budget while decreasing taxpayers' waistlines.

However, some university students are split when deciding whether the extra 20 cents for a 20-ounce bottle of soda is worth the hit to the pocketbook.

Students should take advantage of guest speakers

With the Monday campus visit of primatologist Jane Goodall and the announcement that Alice Walker, author of "The Color Purple," will visit April 29, the number of prestigious speakers the university brings in certainly is not in short supply.

These speakers are brought in for students' benefit, but sometimes the student body doesn't take full advantage of these exceptional experiences.

It's unfortunate that this happens as the diversity of speakers and the variety of topics ensures there's almost always something for everyone.

Pool under dance studio gone with renovations

Ballet dancers do not usually have a 90-year-old pool beneath their feet.

University will benefit from Tech Resources’ preparations

The Internet Protocol version 4 is a code that each device connected to the Internet possesses, but the numbers to be assigned for that...

Band performs on ESPN morning show

The TCU Horned Frog marching band kicked off Super Bowl week with an appearance on ESPN'S Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show Jan. 31 at Sundance Square.

The band performed several pieces for the live broadcast, including the fight song and other football game day favorites. The Showgirls also performed routines during the songs.

Assistant director of bands Jeremy Strickland said the band had been in high demand leading up to the big game.

Students should watch the State of the Union address

It may seem counterproductive to ask college students to watch President Barack Obama's State of the Union address tonight considering the state of the job market.

But whether students are into politics or not, watching the address is one of the easiest ways to stay up to date with our most pressing issues.

In a representative democracy, our personal contribution is our vote. By taking the time to access information to which we have a right, we can better dictate where our vote would be best used.

Going wild

There aren't many towns where one can get up close and personal with endangered species, walk in dinosaur tracks and eat a chicken fried steak with bikers while listening to live Texas Country. But Glen Rose has it all. An hour drive southwest of Fort Worth, it's a short trip that takes you years away from everyday life. After a long day spent exploring Dinosaur Valley State Park, The Loco Coyote Grill is the perfect spot for traditional Southern fare and music.

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