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Dethroned Miss California has every right to sue

As an ardent supporter of hard-hitting, informative news, I felt it was my duty and obligation to keep the students at the university informed about one of the most crucial, and yet veiled, issues affecting our country in the last week.

No, it's not health care reform, nor is it a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. The story I'm talking about is much more disturbing and leads right to the core of American culture.

New University Union delayed, construction to continue

  While the completion of the Brown-Lupton University Union is delayed, Clark and Jarvis halls are on schedule and there are new projects in the...

New club to capitalize on city’s energy industry

A big play requires big ideas.

Two freshman TCU students decided to put their big ideas into action in the form of an energy club.

Ken Morgan, director of operations at the TCU Energy Institute, said the idea for the club was brought to him by Ben Voigt, a freshman real estate and finance major, and Justin LaPoten, a freshman finance major.

Academic programs to benefit from public campaign

Now that the public portion of The Campaign for TCU is in full swing, it's time to follow the money.Don Whelan, vice chancellor for...

Student center demolition brings orientation changes

Where the Brown-Lupton Student Center goes, orientation shall not follow.

The Student Center is scheduled to be demolished at the beginning of June, said Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects at the Physical Plant, but Carrie Zimmerman, director of first year experience, said the demolition will not slow down the upcoming freshman orientation sessions.

Funding campaign begins public portion in style

Check out Thursday's coverage of the Schieffer SymposiumOne hundred fifty-five million dollars down, $95 million to go.The Campaign for TCU kicked off the public...

Latina/o studies minor first of its kind in region

The university will now offer a Latina/o studies minor within the AddRan College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The new minor is an interdisciplinary program that is not bound by geographical borders, like the Latin American studies minor that was canceled last year, said Hjamil Martinez-Vazquez, a religion professor and the main proponent of the new program.

Returning student-athletes recognized at event

The president of the NCAA will be speaking about the current condition of college athletics in America at 7 p.m. today in the Ed Landreth Auditorium.

Following NCAA President Myles Brand's speech, TCU's NCAA Degree Completion recipients will be recognized.

Degree Completion recipients are former student-athletes who left school before earning their degrees and now are receiving a grant from the NCAA to return to finish school.

Open-minds needed to discuss abortion, mediator says

The key to approaching a controversial subject is to create space in a conversation that allows for growth, said a public policy mediator Monday night.

Public policy mediator Susan Podziba's speech revolved around her experience mediating talks between anti-abortion and abortion-rights activists in Massachusetts after shootings in two abortion clinics.

Podziba said even though students don't have the luxury of facilitated discussions to talk about abortion like she did, they still learn something from the dialogue.

Win against BYU could give Horned Frogs highest Conference finish

The Horned Frogs have a chance Saturday to move up to sixth place in the Mountain West Conference final standings with a win over the Brigham Young University Cougars.

If TCU (14-14, 6-9) wins, it could put the Horned Frogs in a tie with the University of Utah should the Utes lose against the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Saturday.

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