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University should rethink Christmas tree location

Bah humbug to the university officials who thought it was a jolly idea to move the traditional campus Christmas tree from the steps of Sadler Hall to the Campus Commons, a supposed higher traffic location.

While the new location will no doubt be aesthetically pleasing, it is safe to say that the tree will make a great centerpiece for the residential students who are on that side of campus on a daily basis.

TCU Rangers deserve as much support as they give

Their uniforms speak for themselves. A buttoned down shirt, leather vest, jeans, cowboy boots and a handkerchief tied loosely around the neck. No, they're not the Texas Rangers, but the TCU Rangers, and they're out defending the Horned Frogs at every home football game. The newly-created organization was formed in order to increase the weak student participation that often exists at the games. And by their consistent home game attendance, the TCU Rangers are giving the team the representation they are rightly owed.

Del Conte to be named new athletics director

Former Rice athletic director Christopher Del Conte will be the new athletics director for TCU, the chancellor's office confirmed this afternoon.A press conference announcing...

Details of sexual assault cases could lead to safer campus

There have been three sexual assaults involving students since the fall semester began, and campus police informed the community through crime alerts. While TCU Police's efforts to increase security and prevention are commendable, they could be doing more to ensure campus safety by giving more details on the assaults. When something this serious is happening on campus, the campus community has a right to know more about the situation.

New iTCU app fills gap between university and campus community

It seems you can't get five steps around campus without seeing a student or professor tapping and gliding their fingers against their iPhones. As...

Swine flu outbreak handled well by administration

It's safe to say that it really is never easy to deal with viral outbreaks. And it is even more difficult if the outbreak...

Student speaker: Internet keeps knocking down barriers

The summer Preston Swincher turned 22, his parents were out of town and he decided to throw a house party with a "few" friends to celebrate his birthday.

By the time his parents arrived home the next day, Swincher had the house back to normal, and his mother even noted how the house was cleaner than it was when they left, while his dad asked, "So, how was the party?"

In order to avoid making the same mistake again, Swincher asked his father the inevitable question.

Limitation on top 10 percent rule will help students

For years, the Texas Legislature has been working to eliminate the automatic admission allocated for top 10 percent high school graduates into Texas public universities.

Now, since the bill for limiting the amount of incoming freshmen into colleges based on their rank in the top 10 percent has passed through the Senate, it seems as if the proposed legislation is finally getting somewhere.

Campus groundskeeper embraces cowboy life

3:30 a.m. and Danny Meyer is already awake.

4 a.m. and he's walking out the door of his two-story log cabin.

5 a.m. and he's headed southeast on U.S. 287 in his yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

6 a.m. and Meyer pulls into his parking spot on campus, 101 miles from the front gate of his ranch.

As supervising groundskeeper for the east side of campus, Meyer leaves his country home in Buffalo Springs, where ranch land is rolled out like a lumpy blanket, and enters the concrete jungle that is Fort Worth.

International students’ hurdles detrimental to university

There is something to be said when international students hoping to attend a university in the U.S. find it difficult to get their visa in a timely manner or worry about if they will even get one at all. A possible staff shortage, a plethora of forms to be filled out and a cap of 65,000 on the number of visas being issued per year, that have been known to run out quickly, are some of the reasons why international students are having difficulty acquiring their ticket to the U.S.

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