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Bus transportation available

Many students wake up an hour earlier than necessary to compete for parking spaces, while others complain that parking shortages should be a top priority on the university's agenda.In the midst of these complaints, students fail to take advantage of the opportunity to use public transportation free of charge.

Although students take for granted the luxuries TCU provides with something as simple as the TCU identification card, like the free bus fare, Sodexho employees will now have the chance to pick up the slack.

Consequences of repression

The United States has traveled a long road toward our diverse population. Such growth has been accompanied by growing pains.Our history is marked with bouts and fits of xenophobia against new immigrant groups and repressive laws against minorities. Even in 2005, we have issues with immigration and respecting the rights of minority groups.

France's geographical location enables people to immigrate to France from North and sub-Saharan Africa in effort to have more opportunities in life, such as better jobs and higher education.

Students responsible for safety

The campus has grown accustomed to the inevitable car break-in.Many tried to just shrug off the infamous "I (heart) SMU" prank.

In these cases there were at least groups, other than TCU students, to blame: a criminal expounding with pride his frequent car break-in outings; incredibly sneaky University Park dwellers with shoe polish; and, of course, the TCU Police and their lack of security cameras in certain areas around campus.

TCU should not ban Facebook

It's true; students are addicted.The addiction has spread around the nation and has even caught on with professors. It started as a college network, but it has also trickled down to high school students.

It is Facebook, and it's becoming a part of the everyday lives of countless students.

Facebook is an online directory that connects people through social networks at schools, allows you to find people at your school, lets you see how people know each other, and helps you find people in your classes and groups.

Time to grow up: Limits not suitable for 18+

Although many students may think adulthood begins with their first day of classes at TCU, I would advise them to think again.College students are...

Students have right to know about STDs on campus

If you were given $483 to spend wisely, what would you use it for?Four hundred and eighty-three dollars may not seem like a substantial amount of money to many people, but to a college student, it can be an ample amount of change. Think of all the things the average college student could buy with that money: It could buy food for almost an entire year in TCU's dining plan, compensate a car payment, be invested in a savings account or help with TCU's pricey tuition.

Or you could invest it in health insurance at TCU.

Talking trash: Why landfills need to be tossed

Americans contribute millions of tons in solid waste each year. While many have made strides to reduce the waste in landfills through recycling programs, others continue to contribute a massive amount of waste to our landfills every day. Considering how heavily packaged processed foods are and how we use paper products as if there is no tomorrow, it is no wonder landfills are jam-packed.

Female driver just as capable of escorting

It is 3 a.m. You've been out late with your friends and as you come back to TCU, your friends park in the coliseum parking lot. You live on the other side of campus and realize you are left alone to walk back to your dorm. You are in a dimly lit parking lot and all you can hear is the rustling of the neighborhood TCU cats. You feel a bit uneasy about walking home; after all, it is 3 a.m.Do you: A) Walk alone to your dorm room and hope the boogie man won't spring out from the bushes, or B) call Froggie-Five-O?

Universities, colleges should take notice of American Indian rights

I wonder why it is that the Fighting Irish never cause any uproar but the Redskins do.It's acceptable to be a Viking or a Trojan, but when dealing with mascots that represent a minority, people take offense to it.

Again, I wonder why that is.

Mascots personify pride in a team, but I find something disturbing about one group using a stereotype of another group to represent themselves in a positive light.

Maybe that's why American Indians take offense to sports teams that use the Redskins as a mascot.

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