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Housing regulations cloud area future

The campus of TCU has undergone many recent changes, including a new education complex, an indoor practice facility and two new residence halls. Soon the university will also have a new student union and two more residence halls, but the long-term impact these changes will have on the surrounding neighborhoods is less clear.One factor that could play a large role in the changing dynamic between TCU and the surrounding neighborhoods is last year's decision by the TCU Board of Trustees to require sophomores to live on campus.

Hunger Week ends, problem still persists

Although the 25th Annual Hunger Week comes to a close tomorrow, world hunger will remain a serious problem.Across the globe, more than 850 million people suffer from hunger, which charitable organization Bread for the World refers to as "the most extreme form of poverty."

The United Nations' food aid agency, the World Food Programme, reports hunger and malnutrition is the No. 1 risk to health worldwide - greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Know how money helps AIDS in Africa before opening pocketbook

The AIDS epidemic in Africa only grows more serious.So serious, in fact, that people all over the world need to re-evaluate the tactics being used to battle the AIDS virus.

Although major progress has been made in increasing AIDS awareness across the globe, increasing actual support to deal with the illness has been less successful. Many organizations and charities have joined forces in the fight against AIDS, and one of the most effective ways people can help them is money.

Housing requirement has upsides

An increase in tuition isn't ever a big surprise at TCU, but it still creates a great deal of conversation.However, a bigger change is going to take effect at TCU that is worth a lot of consideration.

On Nov. 10, the board of trustees approved new housing requirements at the university, requiring all freshmen and sophomores to live on campus beginning Fall 2007.

While immediate responses might strongly oppose this decision, the change in residential requirements has many promising factors.

Democrat appeals to students

Elections in Texas, for the most part, are one-sided, but thanks to this year's gubernatorial race, this may no longer hold true. Among the candidates we've been dealt, Democratic candidate Chris Bell stands out from the crowd. For the younger voting population in Texas, Bell's policies are the most sound and hold the most promise for a positive change in the state.

Bell keeps the young voters in mind, focusing on policies that will have a lasting impact on them.

Support sports by showing up

With the frenzy of football upon us - and the elation and dejection that it can bring - it is also important to remember this:The members of the football team are not the only athletes who deserve your interest, your support - and most importantly - your presence.

It's true, whatever your favorite sport, be it cross country, lacrosse, swimming or soccer, it's very likely you'll be there to support it. The thing is, when you attend a sporting event, you're doing more than supporting the team and sport. You are also showing your support and pride of the university as a whole.

Music Review: Sparklehorse ‘Light Years’ ahead on latest disc

After five years, alternative rock outfit Sparklehorse has released its latest album "Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain."With spaced-out vocals and a catchy pop style, Sparklehorse seamlessly blends all the elements of rock 'n' roll to craft its sound.

Singer/songwriter Mark Linkous has undergone many ups and downs during the band's 10-year career, and the band's latest album communicates his thoughts and emotions better than previous releases.

Wal-Mart practical with discount medicine

Last week, Wal-Mart announced a plan to stick with its mantra and offer many generic drugs at lower prices.With health care costs already high and increasingly being shifted to the consumer from both traditional insurance plans and government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, it is becoming more difficult for people from all economic brackets to afford medication.

The retail giant's decision is a sound one. The program is being tested in Tampa, Fla., where about 300 generic prescription drugs are being sold for as little as $4 a prescription.

Top 10 percent law discouraging

Texas legislators are considering suspending the University of Texas at Austin's admissions regulations for an unspecified number of years, according to a Sept. 18 article published by insidehighered.com, a Web site pertaining to higher education news.Specifically, the change would do away with the uniform admission law, better known as the top 10 percent law. The law specifies that Texas high school students who graduate in the top 10 percent of their classes are automatically accepted and guaranteed places in the Texas public universities or colleges of their choices.

Don’t abuse security escorts

TCU provides many services for its students, faculty and staff, and the most important of these is safety.In addition to a dedicated TCU Police force and a Fort Worth Police Department officer on patrol around campus, is a group of students who use golf carts to ensure the safety of students on campus every night.

We've all come to know them by their official name - Froggie Five-0.

The student escort service, which began in 1996, provides approximately 3,100 rides around campus each month in conjunction with escort services by TCU Police.

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