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Chris Brown’s concert ploy isn’t fooling anyone

Chris Brown, the singer infamously known now for his domestic dispute with fellow musician Rihanna, is doing what anyone else in his position would do: a "fan appreciation" tour.

Not only that, but he publicly announced the tour only a few hours after the release of a new Rihanna single.

Instead of concentrating on the judicial punishment he received for attacking Rihanna, which was six months of community service, domestic abuse counseling and five years of probation, he is staying true to his entrepreneurial roots.

University grants employee benefits to same-sex couples

Hundreds of students, faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin are protesting UT's policy to not extend employee benefits to same-sex couples.

UT is state-funded and therefore does not extend same-sex couples employee benefits because Texas state law prevents it. Several on-campus groups rallied against the university's exclusion of benefits for same-sex couples Nov. 12 outside the Texas Union Patio.

TCU, however, has offered benefits to homosexual couples since Jan. 1, 2005.

Professors debate creationism’s place in public schools

Two geology professors signed a petition to promote teaching evolution in public school science classrooms and prevent creationism from slipping into the curriculum.Arthur Busbey,...

Politicians say young voters crucial

Both former Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., and former GOP Florida Gov. Jeb Bush agreed that there is a clear divide among red and blue politics in the United States and there needs to be a move toward a "purple" way of thinking.

Tuesday night, both Bradley and Bush took the stage at Ed Landreth Auditorium for the Fogelson Honors Forum where they gave opening statements followed by a question and answer session. The questions were taken from those submitted online by the public.

King Tut stops by Dallas in its second U.S. tour

Big Tex is no longer the only legendary icon in town; the boy king, Tutankhamun, has arrived.

The Dallas Museum of Art will host "Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs" beginning today until May 17, 2009. After its Dallas tour, Tut will make two final U.S. stops in Atlanta and Indianapolis.

The King Tut exhibit began its second tour in 2005, 26 years after the first exhibit tour. Record-setting attendance in Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Philadelphia and London prompted an encore tour.

Honors launches mentoring program for freshmen

For freshman students entering the Honors Program, navigating the system can be overwhelming.

This year, honors students will have the opportunity to participate in the new Watson Mentoring Program, which will pair freshmen with an advanced honors student to facilitate a more smooth transition into college, said Maddison Grigsby, Honors Cabinet vice president.

Grigsby, a junior international finance major, said she took this on as her project for the semester.

Tart yogurt store to open in October

Students who want to make better eating choices are in for a treat. Two Fort Worth men are bringing the tart yogurt craze that has swept cities like Los Angeles and New York City to TCU.

Brock Widener and Chad Estes are co-owners of what will soon be Frogberry, located on Greene Avenue at the GrandMarc at Westberry Place next door to Perrotti's Pizza. Frogberry, inspired by the thriving Pinkberry franchise, is a mixture of a health food store and a tart yogurt venue, Estes said.

Honors Program offers assistance with graduate scholarships

In the world of prestigious academic scholarships, top performing students are competing with other top performers for these few coveted awards. Students like Justin...

Taking fun to a new Level

"It's a long shot any way you go in the music business," Mike Vosters says. "Everytime I hear about a concert I get this twinge inside telling me to get involved." Vosters, a sophomore marketing major, spent years playing the alto saxophone before college but just considered the business side of the music industry as a possible career path within the last year. He said his biggest regret when he started at TCU was his lack of involvement in the music world.

Student to headline at downtown bar

Senior entrepreneurial management major Rob Baird is expecting friendly faces and favorable weather tonight as he headlines on the patio at 8.0.

Baird said he has been writing and performing his original Texas country songs since his freshman year at TCU and has a growing repertoire of original songs with a few cover songs mixed in. He released an album in late 2006 and is currently recording for a promotional CD.

Baird is also working to find a road band of musicians that he connects with, manager Matthew Layton said.

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