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Nonprofits feeling economic pressure, remain hopeful

As the wintry chills set in, the multicolored lights brighten the city and the red kettles make their annual appearance on the sidewalks, pangs of poverty dig a little deeper in some homes. There is no question why the holidays are a time for giving. But this year, the economic crisis has caused some giving hands to hesitate, dwelling on the bank accounts and wallets that are a little bit tighter - a little bit emptier.

SGA should consider new election protocol

This year's Student Government Association election season has shed light on a valuable lesson.

Sophomore Justin LaPoten was removed from the vice presidential candidacy Monday because of excessive absences in House of Representatives and committee meetings.

This happened after weeks of campaigning, which can cost hundreds of dollars out of the candidates' pockets. Basically, it was too late.

Requiring specialization restricts history majors

A report released by the National History Center has shed light on the status of the university's history department. It appears it is keeping up with comparable programs; however, there is still room for improvement.

The report suggested that history departments nationwide focus on broader ideas instead of solely names and dates, and the university's history program has already been emphasizing this concept.

SGA’s decision to honor its members against its purpose

The same time the Student Government Association looked at a resolution describing the purpose of SGA and resolving "to serve the student body to...

Campuses shelling out more to combat illegal downloading

When Jon Brown walked up to the computer help desk at Mary Couts Burnett Library at the start of the 2008 spring semester, he...

Web site stunts academic enrichment, fosters laziness

A new Web site has added to concerns of academic integrity and creativity.

Knetwit.com, one of many sites that allow students to exchange study materials and papers, provides payment for those who contribute to the Web site's database.

Dean "Tyler" Jenks and Benjamin Wald, who came up with the concept, say they wanted to provide a knowledge-sharing platform to assist in students' academic endeavors - definitely a commendable intention.

But cutting corners isn't part of the formula for academic enrichment.

Slideshow: Dog Day Afternoon

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Students should boldly face controversial issues

There are certain topics many prefer not to talk about or to even think about. These topics might include racism, sexism or homosexuality.

But college is about stretching minds and challenging the status quo of the culture in which students were raised. It is about asking the difficult questions and having the courage to develop opinions through critical thinking.

This takes courage for sure, but it's necessary and enriching.

Ranking not accurate portrayal of university’s quality

The university has dropped in the U.S. News and World Report rankings for the third year in a row.Three years ago, TCU was in...

AIDS education important

About 10,000 people in the university's own county are living with HIV, and half of the newly infected are 15- to 24-year-olds, said Bob Ray Sanders, who will moderate a discussion on the issue today.

A panel of experts in the issue of HIV/AIDS in Tarrant County are coming to speak today about the realities of the deadly disease in the local context.

This is a good chance for college-age students who seem to be one of the targets of this disease to realize AIDS is not as far away of an issue as many may think.

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