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Mental Migration

In what he calls one of the high points in his life, Andy Fort got arrested on charges of disturbing the peace in 1972 in front of Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, Mass., when he joined the 400 people protesting the Vietnam War.

The base was a strategic location for protest because it was where the military trained and sent bombers to Vietnam. The base had deployed B-52 bombers and tankers to Southeast Asia two weeks prior to the protest.

Visiting gossip site ads fuel to the fire

Now that Google has pulled its advertisements from the college-gossip Web site, JuicyCampus.com, AdBrite Inc. has picked up the slack, and the Web site...

81-year-old enthusiast revives local jazz scene

Weaving through a smoky, dimly lit warehouse-turned-bar is an 81-year-old jazz singer. He is dressed in a sharply pressed pinstripe suit and a beret,...

Program’s success baffles campus advocates

A successful clean-up event involves 50 participants for the on-campus environmental club. For a local chapter of a national human rights awareness organization, a...

Political bullying damages mid-sized lenders

A political struggle may end in a struggle students must bear.A Congressional move last September is leaving mid-sized college lending companies scrambling.Mike Scott, director...

Political rally great opportunity for students

A Democratic Party rally scheduled to take place at Smith Hall on Saturday presents a great opportunity for students to express political interest and get involved.

James Russell, a sophomore religion and anthropology major, said students will have the chance to meet 30 Tarrant County Democratic candidates. This will be an easy way to get to know the candidates' policies before primary voting for the Texas House takes place March 4.

Seven of the 30 candidates are scheduled to speak.

Tuition increase may hurt diversity

Tuition is rising yet again, and although financial aid has risen as well, TCU must ensure the changes don't adversely affect the diversity of the TCU campus.Administrators said the 8.4 percent increase is due to faculty and staff expenses and rising insurance, health care and utility costs. To not increase the tuition would compromise some of the services the university offers, they say.

There's also an 18 percent rise in the financial aid available, although not 18 percent will be spent going toward each award, administrators said.

GPA requirement a good thing

Anyone who has gone through academic orientation at the university knows it. A startling number of the incoming freshmen start college with business as their declared majors.Who can blame them? TCU does have a renowned business school.

But not all are cut out for the Neeley School of Business, and a pending proposal may speed up the screening process.

The proposal, awaiting University Council approval in November, seeks to raise GPA requirements for freshman prebusiness majors, said Bill Moncrief, senior associate dean of the business school.

SGA’s idea could strengthen ties

Athletics may be the only thing bringing together schools from the Mountain West Conference now, but there is a possibility student leaders may be solidifying that relationship on a deeper level.The student leaders from TCU and Utah plan to meet to exchange ideas about their respective student government systems in hopes of learning from each other's mistakes and successes.

"Our goal is to have a Mountain West Conference convention where delegates from each university will come and hopefully resolutions for the future will be made," SGA President Jace Thompson said.

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