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With more college degrees, women outdo men

Today the tables have turned. With hard facts and statistics now available to “show the proof,” we are finding that females do in fact...

Process of isolation often inspires great art

Dedication to the art of music is demonstrated to perfection in the form of indie folk band Bon Iver. Their album, titled "For Emma, Forever Ago," was based on inspiration found by lead singer Justin Vernon during a period in which he isolated himself in remote woods in Wisconsin.

The alleged purpose of this isolation was to recover from personal issues and agonies, including, but not limited to, breaking up with a girlfriend and a former band. Whether or not you enjoy their music, it is impossible not to admire dedication like that.

Yogurt is a snack, not lunch

Yo! Frozen Yogurt Lounge has crossed the unspoken advertisement barrier. The stand propped outside the storefront as well as the in-store screen reads, "Let's do lunch. Make Yo! Frozen Yogurt your new healthy, low-cost lunch alternative."

Not only is it incorrect to call skipping an actual lunch healthy, but it's also manipulative to advertise in this manner with the realization that an overwhelming amount of women students on campus suffer from body-weight issues.

“Jackass 3D” a waste of everyone’s time

Nothing good is coming from the movie "Jackass 3D." Besides branding grotesque images into my mind that I may never be able to erase, this movie is a teenage boy's mother's worst nightmare.

Never mind a plot 8212; this movie lacks any theatrical structure. "Jackass 3D" simply consists of one vigorously dumb stunt after the next, performed by a group of not quite boy-aged men who are, in reality, not the group of best friends they make themselves out to be.

Online communication sets customer service high

Unhappy customers are finally being heard and listened to 8212; through the Internet, that is. For too long, giant companies have had the power to...
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