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Skeptics of fan support proved wrong

Attendance at TCU football games has been under scrutiny by ESPN.com in the past. Writers claimed the university was lacking in fan support, but last season's attendance rate at the Tositos Fiesta Bowl should have proved skeptics, Director of Athletics Media Relations Mark Cohen said.

In a 2008 article on ESPN.com, reporter Graham Watson commented on Horned Frogs fan support writing, "TCU's fan support, or lack thereof..."

TCU’s original home in Fort Worth was near “Hell’s Half Acre”

The university is celebrating 100 years in Fort Worth. Founders Addison and Randolph Clark established an academy in Fort Worth in 1869. In 1873,...

Video – Gas Drilling Making “Noise”

The sound of the drilling rigs are bothering residents. Some wonder if they are even environmentally safe.

Drilling for natural gas has become very common in Fort Worth, and rigs have been placed all over the city.

Video – Awareness Week to be Different

The Psi-Chi society will cut back on the unnecessary stuff. They'll focus more on donating to a local Doctor.

See what Psi-Chi member Nick Russo has to say at http://blip.tv/file/3535352

Athletes’ high-paying contracts insulting in a struggling economy

It is no secret that athletes get paid millions of dollars to play their sport and that seems a little obsessive.

There are many other ways, and many more productive ways for the money to be spent.

Teachers, professors, nurses and other professions that are taking a hard hit from the dwindling economy should get increases to their salaries while athletes' are reduced.

Football signee adds depth as quarterback

With 18 new recruits added to the football team's roster for the 2010 season, one stands out among the rest. Allen High School quarterback...

Men’s basketball faces tough opponent Colorado Rams in Fort Collins

Coming off a 70-79 loss to the University of Neveda, Las Vegas, the men's basketball team will face the Colorado State University Rams in Fort Collins, Colo. on Wednesday.

The teams both have a record of 2-3 in conference play.

Sophomore guard Ronnie Moss said the upcoming game will be a big one because the Horned Frogs defeated the Rams at home 81-67, but lost 71-65 when the team went to Colorado last season.

Patterson’s contract extended through 2016

National reports that the university's head football coach, Gary Patterson, was extending his contract were confirmed Wednesday morning by university officials.Patterson accepted a contract...

Patterson to make contract extension annoucement

Any speculation about the university's head football coach Gary Patterson resigning and taking a job at another university could be proved incorrect this morning.

Patterson and the university have agreed to a contract extension and an official announcement is expected Wednesday at 10 a.m., according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Web site.

According to the Sports Illustrated Web site, Patterson's contract could be extended by at least 2 years and include raises for his assistant coaches.

University makes extra preparations for Utah game

The preparations around the university's sold out football game Saturday is a "total campus effort," university officials said.

Five different broadcasts, including ESPN College GameDay, will be streaming from campus before, during and after the game and that requires some extra planning, said Ross Bailey, associate athletics director of operations.

"The university will have installed 80 phone lines by the time the whole weekend is over for all of these groups," Bailey said.

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