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Curt Wilson to play last tune on campus

This article was edited for accuracy on April 4, 2011. After 35 years of teaching, Director of Jazz Studies and Professor of Music Curt Wilson...

Junior Ted Wick is no rookie in the music business

In the process of setting the West Berry Block Party into motion (his own idea, by the way), junior Ted Wick tells a little bit about his past with music. He said he is no rookie to planning gigs or the music business. He said hoped a lot of people would come out to the show April 16, and if all goes well he plans on making it an annual event.

Where are you from originally?

Cheryl Tucker has been working at the campus Starbucks for three...

Students at TCU can enjoy Union Grounds' selection of Starbucks coffee and treats, but what many appreciate most is that it is open into the late hours of the night when caffeine is often needed most. Cheryl Tucker has been working at the establishment for the past three years. She takes the night shift starting at around 6 p.m. until 2:15 or 3:15 a.m.

When does the general crowd come in during those times?

"Usually from about 8 to 10 and then I get another crowd about 12 to 1."

Do you ever encounter any intoxicated students?

‘Maze’ event explores Christian viewpoint

Although some felt that the advertising used for the event "Maze" that was held last week was misleading, I think that the information was...

Childhood aspirations and “the real world” shouldn’t mix early

It is common for parents to tell their kids to reach beyond their limits and follow their dreams. Not many expect them to try after something as ambitious as climbing to the summit of the world's largest mountain.

In May, a 13-year-old boy by the name of Jordan Romero not only contemplated the action, but summited Mount Everest with the help of his father and stepmother. His story has now inspired other younger people to try the same, such as nine-year-old Tseten Dorje, son of Sherpa Pemba Dorje, who holds an Everest record of his own.

Hole in the Wall: 5 lesser-known-restaurants

Carshon?s Delicatessen

3133 Cleburne Rd


Fort Worth's oldest deli, Carshon's is known for it's kosher selection of grilled sandwiched on homemade bread. Try the Rebecca, which has layers of pastrami, smoked turkey and cream cheese drizzled with Russian dressing. Also popular is the Reuben, served with corned beef or pastrami, melted swiss and kraut on your choice of bread. The homemade pies, chocolate or strawberry delight are made fresh daily.

The Sausage Shoppe

Frog Feature: Bodybuilding religion major Mechele West

Mechele West is a transfer student studying religion and physical fitness who took the first-place prize for the Open Lightweight category in the NPC Central Texas Showdown for bodybuilding this past weekend. She also took second place in the Masters 35+ category and had the best overall posing. Alongside her wins, she would like to share an outreach she developed with her husband that shares her love of fitness and God. The program is called "Temple Talents" and combines self-defense with Christian theology. For more information on the ministry visit kwicministries.org.

Adult Facebook presence inspires user censorship

College 8212; the word ringing through every high schooler's mind as he or she approaches the land of freedom and self-responsibility. Mark Zuckerberg mobilized this magical place to a virtual space called Facebook. The exclusive college website was used to create a network of college students who were all in a stage in which their independent minds could create, share and get to know one another.

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