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Texting and driving isn’t worth the risk

We've all seen it or done it. You look down at your phone, rapidly punch a few keys, glance back up at the road, look down and type some more. Look up, look down. Look up, look down.

These days texting and driving is a common occurrence and a dangerous problem we must try to eliminate. According to a 2009 study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, people who send text messages while driving are more than 23-times more likely to be in a crash than nondistracted drivers. Texting is a serious visual and cognitive distraction.

Finding a roommate can be hit or miss

It is that time of year again: move-in time. Thousands of students are descending upon college campuses across the nation, prepared, or maybe not, to make the most of sharing a small space with one or more students for the next school year. While many upperclassmen eagerly await this opportunity to be reunited with old friends, freshmen may approach the day with a mixture of apprehension and excitement.

What will their new roommate be like? What if he or she is a total weirdo?

Chimpanzees not the safest house pet

Lions and tigers and chimps, oh my! Exotic creatures from far-away lands have mesmerized Americans for decades, but the past few years have shown that keeping these animals as pets can have serious consequences.

Last February, a Connecticut woman was mauled by her friend's 200-pound chimpanzee. The chimp, named Travis, ripped off 56-year-old Charla Nash's hands, nose, lips and eyes. This past week, Nash appeared on "Oprah" and emphasized how dangerous keeping these animals at home can be.

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