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Look beyond Europe when studying abroad

The study abroad experience is nothing new to TCU students. One area our university excels in is in providing ample opportunities for students, resulting...

Community gardens a cheaper, greener alternative for vegetable

Food is a big issue for college students. As leaders of college organizations well know, attendance at meetings or functions of any kind may...

iTunes subscription service would have ups, downs

On several Internet sites, such as CNET, Mac Insider and Wired, rumors have started cropping up once again about a potential subscription service for...

China’s success in Olympics spreads beyond medals

The closing ceremony in Beijing on Sunday marked the official end of the Olympic Games, but the legacy of the games will follow China for some time, manifested in the twisting steel of the Bird's Nest and, more importantly, the new global perception of the country.

My own perception of China has certainly changed. I knew China was an emerging economic powerhouse, but bicycles, rice paddies and little white stickers on cheap plastic toys were the first images that came to mind prior to the Olympic Games. Now, those pictures will be replaced by the Bird's Nest.

Wikipedia a weak approach to scholarly research

Being Wiki savvy: Is it helping or hurting?

Information inundates the modern college student's world today. Waiting to check out at the grocery store and examining national magazines, one can get up to date on the current affairs of our country. Before the transaction is final and the electronic signature completed, the careful observer of magazine covers will know who delivered a baby, who is undergoing drug rehabilitation and most importantly, what newfangled romances were kindled or irretrievably squashed over the weekend.

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