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University recycling program: An undercover job

Many students at TCU are not aware of the systems the campus uses to recycle, which can lead to the feeling that TCU doesn't...

Trinity River gets a bath

For Elizabeth Nagel, giving back to the community that's given her so much is important. Nagel, a sophomore business marketing major spent her Saturday with...

Students and public fill art museum for Lone Star Film Society?s...

The bright lights came on Sunday night as film fans came out in full force for The Lone Star Film Society's third annual Oscar Watch Party.

Decked out in red carpet attire, from look-a-like brand name designer suits to Oscar worthy dresses, film fans gathered at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in what Alec Jhangiani, art director for the LSFS, said he expected to be the most largely populated event in one night for the LSFS.

"Last year we had about 600 and this year I wouldn't be surprised if we had almost a thousand people the way it's increased," Jhangiani said.

Horned Frog marching band is ready for Pasadena, too

The success of the football team has a lot to do with the rise in the members of the marching band, a drum major for the marching band said.

Senior drum major Hannah Harvey said the Horned Frogs getting to the Fiesta Bowl last season was a big draw for incoming freshmen to join the marching band.

Junior nursing major and fellow drum major Spencer Heath said it was staggering how much the band has grown over the past couple of years.

Andy Dalton graces the cover of Sports Illustrated

Having senior quarterback Andy Dalton on the front cover of Sports Illustrated will not only help with national exposure for the football team, but across the board for all sports at TCU, the director for athletics media relations said Wednesday.

Director of Athletics Media Relations Mark Cohen said that it's great to see TCU with this level of national exposure and it is a testament to what the football program has done under the leadership of head football coach Gary Patterson.

"It helps further spread the TCU name and increase our visibility," Cohen said.

The Purple Poll – Sports Edition

What do you think about Andy Dalton being on the front cover of Sports Illustrated?

Joey Monroy, sophomore, Film-TV-Digital Media: "I think it's great. Especially for the image of TCU."

Nathan Navarro, sophomore, Film-TV-Digital Media: "I think it's pretty cool. I don't think we have had anyone of the front cover of Sports Illustrated in a very long time. Other than the fact that this might be a curse, I think we will be fine this week.

Jeremeka Jarrell, senior, social work: "That's exciting."

Famous German poet on campus this week

As part of the first generation born into communist East Germany, Uwe Kolbe became one of the most famous living German poets by writing about his discontent with communism, said Scott Williams, associate professor of German.

Kolbe will speak at both the Live Oak Reading Series tonight, and in three German classes today and Friday.

Williams said Kolbe's first book, Hineingeboren (Born Into), named his generation and spoke out against the things the government was doing. He was even banned from publication for a few years.

Dance concert this weekend

The School for Classical & Contemporary Dance at TCU's main fall concert, "Flying Into Fall," will open tonight in its 61st year of performing on campus, a dance instructor said.

Ellen Page Shelton, director of The School for Classical & Contemporary Dance at TCU, said the concert would feature a combination of six dances of classical and contemporary works choreographed by dance faculty and guest artists.

Shelton said she was excited to have Atlanta Ballet's artistic director, John McFall, in residence for a week. McFall set a new work for the concert.

Brain tumor society to hold benefit walk

The National Brain Tumor Society will hold the 5th Annual Dallas-Fort Worth Brain Tumor Walk Saturday at Trinity Park.

The event will include a five-kilometer walk, family activities and awards for top fundraisers, according to the event's website.

Registration will take place on site from 8 to 9 a.m., and activities will take place from 9 a.m. to noon, according to a press release.

Fees for registration are $50 for adults, $25 for children ages 6-17 and free for ages 5 and under.

LEAPS promotes literacy awareness program

Students will come together Saturday for a program to help get Fort Worth elementary and middle school students to read.

Reading Frogs is an event that happens once a semester at which students read and hand out books to about 500 students, ages five to 13, to get them excited about reading and show that it is cool, TCU liaison for Reading Frogs Brett Neal said.

"The schools the students come from have low literacy rates and [the event] gives [TCU students] an opportunity to help with their reading," Neal said.

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