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Baseball fun not limited to sports fans

The grass is turning green once again and flowers are starting to bloom. The sweet smell of freshly cut grass is back. We all know what time it is.

Spring training is upon us and your favorite team is heading back to the diamond. But where will you be?

Where you need to be is Rangers Ballpark, with your butt in a seat, and a warm hot dog and a cold beer or soda in your hands.

You may be thinking: "We aren't all Rangers fans and they are horrible anyway, so why should I go?"

Athletes pressured into taking steroids

Major League Baseball fans need to calm down and take a step back from the absolute media frenzy surrounding the steroid scandals.

It was difficult to accept that Alex Rodriguez was using steroids when he was the overpaid star of my beloved Texas Rangers. How could this man whom millions of fans adore and admire take performance-enhancing drugs? Perhaps a better question is how could he not.

Fans should learn from Patterson’s sportsmanship

Throughout my years at TCU, I have kept mental notes of how opposing fans act. I have been to every single home game and...

TCU should be treated as a ‘football school’

More than two years have gone by since I joined the TCU student body. Since then I have seen many changes take place both on and off campus. The school has become more recognizable throughout the country, and it has really helped the application process and enrollment numbers. However, TCU administrative officials have tripped up in a big way. They have not taken in the fact that a big reason for this newly-found stardom is because of our football program.

SuperFrog tryouts should be better publicized

There is a huge problem with spirit at TCU. I'm not talking about our attendance at sporting events or even the amount of purple...

Phelps’ Olympics performance may be unmatchable

Now that the Olympics are over, I wonder to myself what I am going to watch when midnight rolls around. Without Michael Phelps swimming...
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