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Martyrdom–Our Path to Decency

The man who on a wintry January morning in 1961 admonished the nation to “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” has given his all to the nation, and for this, secured the wrath of an assassin’s bullet.

Cheers, jeers of the semester

Cheers to the university for adding new majors and minors and continuing to give students more choices. In the immortal words of "Schoolhouse Rock," "Knowledge is power!"

Jeers to the new meal plan. The administration failed to listen to student concerns from the conception of the plan. Now the lack of flexibility of the plan has robbed previously popular Pond Street Grill of business and students of options.

Cheers, jeers 2008

Cheers to the athletics department for ending the Neil Dougherty era. Six years and 108 losses later, they got the point. The cliche is true, nice guys finish last.

Jeers to the TCU Board of Trustees for moving a symposium honoring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright off campus. Because of the university's decision, students missed out on what would have been a great opportunity to see a controversial national figure.

Cheers to political activism during the primaries. Now, if we could only get that kind of turnout for SGA elections ...

Cheers, jeers of semester

CHEERS to the university for making campus more environmentally friendly with biodegradable utensils and to-go boxes in dining locations. The innovative Spudware is a step in the right direction toward making a difference in the environment.CHEERS to the Neeley School of Business for the multiple awards won and for raising its admission standards. To be the best, you must only accept the best.

JEERS to Residential Services for creating a dining plan that could have a $2,100 price tag and will go into effect next fall. Deco Deli and Eden's Greens, you will be dearly missed.

Students have right to speak up

Most students at TCU rarely voice their opinions. Demonstrations, street theater and outspoken citizens are rare and far between at this heavily conservative school....

COMMENTARY: SGA spending helps few people

Paying for part of the new SuperFrog costume: $3,000. Helping four students bike across America: $4,000. SGA actually using money from the special projects fund for...

Nader’s candidacy a selfish decision

Will the real presidential candidate please stand up?

No, Ralph, not you.

For some reason, Ralph Nader has decided to run for president again, and Republicans everywhere must be jumping for joy.

Pigeon deaths explained

Having read with heavy heart of the untimely demise of some members of TCU’s pigeon population, I have come up with a list of possible explanations for this tragedy:

10.) It was a mass protest against the recent rise of tuition at TCU
9.) It was extreme performance art
8.) It was a pigeon suicide pact

Opinion page is much better

I know I’ve sent in praise for the Opinion Page before, but I’ve got to do it yet again. Nice work on the SGA...

Current Mountain West Bowl Affiliates

Auto Zone Liberty Bowl Teams: MWC No. 1 vs. C-USA No. 1 Location: Memphis Stadium: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium Inaugural bowl: 1957 2003 payout: $1,350,000 Las Vegas Bowl Teams: MWC No....
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