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Monday, January 25, 2021


Student body president’s veto should be applauded

I would like to congratulate SGA President Jace Thompson on his veto of the pointless and tyrannical bill to bring jazz music back to KTCU. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with jazz whatsoever. I am even attending the TCU Jazz Ensemble's concert Thursday.

Nevertheless, to waste time formulating, talking about, and then voting for a bill just to bring back a genre of music is not only selfish, but a misuse of power.

Letter to the Editor: Students should join forces to address new...

The administrators at TCU hope to foster community by upping the dining plan prices and forcing us to eat together three times a day amid the busy schedules we already have.I will go ahead and be pretentious and say that, yes, TCU is thoroughly expensive already, and doesn't need to pile on the expenses to our already full monetary loads.

There is absolutely no sense in doing things for the students without even asking their opinion or thoughts on the subject.

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