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Four years of changes, memories to remember

As the semester winds down and I realize it's nearly time to move into the real world, you can frequently see me with a dazed look on my face.I don't know yet what I'll be doing after college. I have some job prospects, and I'm getting married. But when all is said and done, the future is a huge blank, a huge question mark.

For the first time in 17 years, I'll be out of school. For good.

More choice benefits customers

The latest round of competition for Metroplex airline customers has yielded some excellent benefits for consumers.The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Monday, Southwest Airlines began offering free alcohol to customers flying out of Dallas Love Field between now and Memorial Day. This is in response to last Wednesday, when American Airlines gave away 20,350 round-trip tickets to fans at a Dallas Mavericks game.

Bilingual schools end xenophobia

Of all of the immigrant issues, one of the most volatile is language.Though the United States has no official language, English has somehow come to be accepted as a part of our national identity. U.S. citizens live, learn and work in English.

So when a group of people moves in and speaks another language, and that language begins to appear on signs and commercials, Americans grow nervous - we see it as a threat to our identity and culture.

But what culture is that?

Sign language useful skill to have

In a global community, learning a foreign language is extremely important. One must have the tools to communicate with people in various countries, including their own.But one language is often forgotten in this process.

Sign languages are used by millions of people in the world, and www.42explore.com/signlang.htm suggests that American Sign Language, used in the United States and Canada, is the fourth most commonly used language in the United States (the numbers are hard to determine because there are substantial variations among deaf and hearing sign language groups).

Counterpoint: Officials’ age must vary

The American political system is based on age.One only needs to be 25 years old to run for the House of Representatives, but one must be 35 to be president.

But though these are restrictions of minimum age, requirements clearly do not mean that you have to be an old (man) to be elected to office. At my current age of 21, I am old enough to be a state Representative; in my home state of Kansas, I could have run three years ago. I would be unlikely to win, but I could run.

Counterpoint: French reforms rewarding

For the past several weeks, youths all over France have protested a law that would give workers under 26 a two-year trial period where employers could fire them at any time for any reason.This law was aimed at increasing youth employment in France. According to The Associated Press, youth unemployment is currently at 22 percent overall, but approaches 50 percent in some areas with heavy immigrant populations and high poverty rates.

Monday the law was overturned, to be replaced by initiatives that would create more internships and reward companies that hire youth.

Open your mind to foreign films

Americans are notoriously chauvinistic; we think that our culture is the culture and do not really learn to appreciate what exists outside of our country-bubble.In fact, we are actively exporting our culture but are hesitant to import other cultures.

When other countries have sought to limit the percentage of U.S. films and music imported, the United States has been quick to object. It's not fair to put that kind of restrictions on capitalism, Hollywood filmmakers cry.

Yet America has created a cultural monopoly.

TV not a valid investment

The Student Center is about to have a new addition - a big-screen, high-definition television for the Student Center Lounge. Its cost: $5,700, approximately a quarter of a tuition scholarship.Wednesday's Skiff reported that the Permanent Improvements Committee is purchasing the TV; the House of Student Representatives voted to give the committee the funds, with a 20-16 vote. It believes that the TV will benefit students.

Alternative fuels worth research

A few years ago, the things we have today were unthinkable: Hybrid cars? What kind of crazy hippie are you?But now, with hybrid cars hitting the luxury market and becoming mainstream, cleaner energy is entering the realm of possibility. And with it, a whole new spectrum of alternative fuels and clean energy is becoming available to us.

The temptation would be to blow them off. After all, only liberals worry about the environment.

But before you do this, take a closer look: Our Republican president is supporting this measure. Big business is hopping on board.

Student exhibits offer great art

It's rare that we can see, right in from of us, the products of students' time spent at TCU, so when we can, it's worth visiting.Moudy Building North, which houses art, art history and graphic design, almost always has interesting displays, varying from student work to teacher's to juried local shows. And it's always very interesting.

But right now is the time to visit; it is when we can really see what's going on.

I say this because the first of the student art exhibits is now in the Moudy building.

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