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Anthropology major first to graduate with honors

With inflection and attitude in her voice, the vivacious side of a 21-year-old senior emerges as she talks about a more serious side: her studies. Senior Angela Campbell is the first anthropology major to graduate with departmental honors. Campbell, who is also double-majoring in religion, said she feels like she is ready to graduate, but the more she reflects on what she learned at TCU, the more she realizes what is out there to learn.

Senate to discuss election’s vacancies

The Faculty Senate will try to deal with three vacant seats from one college at their meeting next week, the Senate chairwoman said.Elizabeth Gillaspy, Faculty Senate assistant secretary, said in an e-mail there are 18 new senators for the next term but three vacancies in the College of Science and Engineering.

Chairwoman Suzy Lockwood said the online elections were April 16 and 17.

Lockwood, an assistant nursing professor, said the new senators will be introduced at their May 3 meeting and proposals to fill the vacancies will be discussed.

LEAPS organizers focus on the future

New leadership has sparked new ideas for next year's university-wide community service project, LEAPS. LEAPS has been an annual event at the university since spring 2000, said Peter Thompson, assistant director for Student Development Services.

Kerri Westfield, LEAPS director, said the executive committee has plans to change the event to affect one smaller community within Fort Worth as opposed to sending students out to various parts of the community, as it has been in the past. She said the executive committee decided they wanted to try something new this year.

Home Sweet Home

Nine weeks of labor will come to fruition Saturday when volunteers and donors hand over the FrogHouse keys to its new owner.Trinity Habitat for...

Movie: ‘Blades of Glory’ a must-see slapstick

Think of a typical Will Ferrell movie, complete with a straight male-figure skating duo, and you have "Blades of Glory." I found the movie hilarious, but, when it was over, I did not leave wanting more. It is another one of those stupid humor, quotable films, complete with child prodigies, drunken skaters and death-defying tricks on the ice. Chazz Michael Michaels, played by Ferrell ("Anchorman"), and Jimmy MacElroy, played by Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite"), are banned from figure skating after an all-out brawl at the awards presentation of the world championships.

Symphony chosen to perform in national concert

After performing for a Texas audience in February, the wind symphony will perform for a national audience next week.Bobby Francis, director of bands, said the wind symphony was chosen as one of the top bands in the nation to perform at the College Band Directors National Association's national conference, which occurs every other year. The symphony will play in an evening performance March 29 in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Hockey’s Shorthanded Season

The slap of the puck and the sound of the buzzers stopped, but the inline hockey team isn't putting up its skates just yet. Joel LaRocca, president of the club inline hockey team, said the team finished its season Feb. 11 but is in the process of preparing for next year's campaign.

LaRocca, junior accounting major, said this was his third year on the club team, but he has played hockey for 10 years.

Chancellor to participate in charity cooking competition

Chancellor Victor Boschini is giving Chef Boyardee a run for his money.Kids Who Care will host its 10th annual Cookin' For Kids on Sunday at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center to raise money for scholarships and youth leadership training.

Boschini is one of the featured guests.

"I really believe in Kids Who Care," Boschini said. "I think they are a wonderful organization."

Habitat for Humanity kicks off student project

The sound of hammers, Horned Frogs and nails began today as a part of an eight-week building project by the class of 2008.Frog House, which is in its second year, involves a group of third-year students raising money to pay for and build a house for a Habitat for Humanity family.

Sumer Jordan, Student Development Services assistant director, said building will take place during two shifts each Friday and Saturday for the next eight weeks.

Administration creates pandemic plan in case of disease, viral outbreak

A communication plan is now in place in case of an outbreak of an airborne virus or disease. Campus Life has implemented a pandemic plan that includes ways of trafficking information to the public with extra phone lines and Web sites.

Laura Crawley, assistant dean of campus life and health promotion, said the university is trying to be proactive by coordinating plans for an outbreak on campus.

She said a pandemic could be the avian flu or even something the public doesn't know about yet.

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