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Officership awaits ROTC graduates

On Dec. 13, a new chapter will begin for graduating military seniors Charlie Jones and Clint Roland.Jones and Roland will be commissioned in a ceremony where they will take an oath as officers for the Army. The ceremony will grant them the rank of second lieutenant. After accepting this leadership position, likely they will be platoon leaders who will lead 20 to 40 soldiers, said Maj. John Agor, department chairman of military science.

Memorial to honor civil rights pioneer

A memorial in memory of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks will be on display today at the entry-way of the Brown-Lupton Student Center as a joint project of Chi Upsilon Sigma and Delta Sigma Theta."We felt that a display would be an appropriate act to do for this amazing woman," Roxanna Latifi, president of Chi Upsilon Sigma, said. "We also believe this is something we should not overlook, so I thought this would be a nice tribute to highlight her wonderful accomplishments."

Women’s Tennis – No. 1 recruit signs on with Frogs

TCU signed Texas' No. 1-ranked junior women's tennis player, head coach Dave Borelili announced Tuesday.Nina Munch-Soegaard, 17, of Amarillo, signed a National Letter of Intent to join the Horned Frogs in fall 2006.

"We are thrilled that Nina will be joining our program, and we are really excited that she chose TCU over other schools such as Texas and UCLA," Borelli said. "This, I feel, is an advantage to us, since she is ranked in the juniors top 10 in the country."

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! – Athletic marketing to display classic car models before...

Classic automobiles will be on display in Frog Alley as part of pregame festivities Saturday against the Colorado State Rams, according to athletic marketing."This simply is a fanfare event that definitely draws a crowd, and it's a great occasion that livens up Frog Alley," said Kelly Imig, assistant director of athletic marketing.

The second annual show is from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Rosa Parks leaves lasting impact

Although Rosa Parks went to jail for defending her own dignity, her actions influenced the TCU community 10 years later. In 1964, the TCU Board of Trustees allowed the university to accept students of races other than white.Rosa Parks died Monday of natural causes at the age of 92.

James Riddlesperger, chairman of the political science department, said Rosa Parks is a testimony to an average person making a difference in the world.

"She never set out to be a civil rights leader," Riddlesperger said. "She just was a common working wife and mother."

Golfers set goals, get focused

The TCU men's golf team is sending five players to the Cleveland State Invitational next week, the first outing of what head coach Bill Montigel said will be a year of improvement.Sophomore Franklin Corpening, senior Drew Laning, freshman Jon McLean, freshman Tom Miles and junior Drew Stoltz earned the right to play at Cleveland State by surviving the team's own qualifying tournament.

Four freshmen additions have already shown their impact, Montigel said.

Hyperfrogs to take spirit on road

When TCU meets Oklahoma in Norman on Saturday, the Hyperfrogs plan to be there outfitted in purple.Hyperfrogs, a student spirit organization on campus that also participates in alcohol education, is chartering two buses to take TCU students to Norman, said Brett Buesnel, assistant sports marketing chair of the Hyperfrogs.

"We need to get as many fans to Oklahoma as we can because this is a huge game," Buesnel said, "and we need all the purple we can possibly get."

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