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Criticism of Phelps disproportionate to offense

As a lifelong sports fanatic, I wouldn't be surprised if I knew the entire Dallas Cowboys roster at any given time.

As a kid, I thought Deion Sanders was the epitome of style and charisma, while Troy Aikman was the definition of a great man.

I looked up to these men with stars in my eyes and, in light of all the fumbles of recent athletes, I have begun to explore the question: Are celebrity athletes role models?

NBA star Charles Barkley has said in the past that he is not a role model.

Bailout plead from porn industry a joke

With the current slump in America's economy, it seems even the pornography industry has fallen into hard times and yet, the CEOs of the industry continue to bring in the money.

Larry Flynt, Hustler magazine publisher, and Joe Francis, Girls Gone Wild founder and CEO, have appealed to Congress for a $5 billion bailout to rejuvenate the adult entertainment industry.

At first glance this seems vulgar, repulsive and could be construed as an attempt to make a mockery of a serious problem in our economy.

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