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Elections an opportunity to be involved in government process

On the night of Nov. 2, a group of TCU students went to KXAS NBC Channel 5 as volunteers to enter elections results into the system, myself included. Many of us were nervous and unsure of what to do. But we eventually found a rhythm and without thinking about it, we became a part of the democratic process.

We saw what happened behind the scenes during an election and heard what the people who run the elections had to say. We typed, phoned and updated from 6 p.m. to midnight and left laughing and talking about how great it had been.

Being nice appears to be a rarity

I have been wondering since coming to college if relationships have always been so screwed up or if is this a new facet of our generation.

Recently, the country has drawn its attention to the suicides of teens and college students, especially those who said they were homosexual. The main cause for these events is said to be bullying, but I think it goes deeper than that. Even before this trend was sparked in the media, I noticed something that disturbed me.

After three different homes, TCU can rest easy in Fort Worth

From starting near Hell's Half Acre to its time in Thorp Spring, Texas, to the fire that destroyed the Waco facilities, the university is finally able to celebrate its 100th anniversary in a hometown.

From the days when the old groundskeeper Cowboy Monroe would spray students with his garden hose if they dared step on the grass to when some pranksters placed a local cow in President Waits' office, the university has a rich history in Fort Worth.

‘Riff Ram Bah Zoo’ has history too

At TCU, we love our traditions. Traditions begin the moment we curl the fingers on a peace sign or yell "Go Frogs" on game days. But what is the history behind these customs that have become a way of life for us?

We all love it and yell it at every event we can. It is the oldest cheer in the Southwest Conference, TCU's original athletic conference, and it might date back all the way to the 1920s.

Riff, Ram, Bah Zoo

Lickety, Lickety, Zoo, Zoo

Who, Wah, Wah, Who

Give "em Hell, TCU.

Frog Feature: the horned frog

You see it at games, on bumper stickers and t-shirts and in family photos. It's the TCU Horned Frog. The first horned frog appearance was...
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