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TCU contributes to junk mail

No one really likes junk mail.E-mail, snail mail, you name it; everyone hates having to sort through piles of useless crap that only serve to irritate the reader. Buy this now, sign up here now, call this number ... it's all the same, and it's all ridiculous.

So why is TCU exacerbating the problem?

As reported by the Skiff two days ago, TCU administration provided student's e-mail addresses to K Reed and Company, a Dallas-based merchandising firm responsible for the promotion of the new GrandMarc hall.


The scenario is classic: full count, bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the ninth. The pitcher glances at the catcher and nods his head from behind the glove he holds clasped to his face. The hitter then glances over at the first base coach, who gives him a series of quick signals before the throw comes. The man on the mound confidently cocks his arm and blazes the ball right down the gut - seconds before the batter starts into his swing, powerfully ripping his bat through the zone, waiting for the contact to come.

Commentary: Sports editor gives closing thoughts

In light of the fact that this is the last column I will be running for the semester - tough to swallow, I know...

Disaster shows need for reform

When bad weather strikes, people run.Hurricanes, tornados, wildfires: All send the surrounding population scurrying for safety, desperate to find some shelter to escape the...

Track duo forms family ties

At first glance, they really don't appear to have that much in common.One tall, the other short; a discrepancy made all the more obvious when they stand next to each other, making soft conversation as they pose for pictures. One a jokester, teasing about the other's girlfriends as he quietly takes the congenial ribbing. And, of course, one the teacher, and the other the student.

But then again, people should rarely be judged based on first glances.

Women’s Soccer: Team gains experience in preseason

The TCU women's soccer team will continue its spring schedule Saturday when it plays the North Texas Olympic Development Program, a team the players can honestly say they are not familiar with."Actually, I don't know (much about them)," said junior defender Casey Glass. "The coaches want us to treat everybody the same way. He doesn't want us coming in knowing too much about a team because we'll adjust how we play.

"We just have to be on the top of our game at all times ... not too much information."

Commentary: Mavericks forward having MVP year

Lately, I've been making an effort to shy away from national sports subjects, focusing instead on TCU teams and athletes worthy of commentary. It's gone pretty well, I think. But now the course of current events - plus the public outcry of my handful of readers - has forced me to offer my opinion on a much less local topic.And, as disgusting as I feel admitting it, even this has a homegrown theme: Mavericks fans, rejoice, because Dirk Nowitzki is my choice for the 2005-2006 season NBA Most Valuable Player.

Men’s Golf: Freshman records third top-20 finish

The men's golf team wrapped up its play at the U.S. Collegiate tournament in Georgia Tuesday with a seventh-place finish - and a ranking to be proud of."I think we're getting better," said head coach Bill Montigel. "I think we beat some good teams."

The Frogs, with an overall score of 890 (+26), finished ahead of schools like Texas, Tennessee and Florida State. Montigel said not only did the team play well, but the individual athletes did as well.

Commentary: Baseball team improves during winning streak

I've been writing sports for a pretty long time now, or at least as much as my age allows. I've done all sorts of teams with infinitely varied types of leaders that enjoy countless degrees of success. Not to sound jaded, but I've pretty much heard it all before.So when TCU's head baseball coach, Jim Scholssnagle, told me on Feb. 28 that "we have a team full of good players that's not a very good baseball team right now," I have to admit that I was skeptical. You know how many times I've heard that?

Future meal plan needs flexibility

Everybody has a different appetite.Some people eat like birds, others like lions. Some eat two meals a day, others eat five. Some only settle...
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