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Frogs ready for rested BYU

After TCU's overtime victory against Utah, head football coach Gary Patterson quickly took the proverbial air out of the balloon heading into Saturday's game at Brigham Young."The Utah game is done, and we've turned our attention to Saturday at BYU," Patterson said at his media luncheon Tuesday. "I expect to see BYU's best ballgame. They've had two weeks to prepare for us and get their legs back."

Frogs prepare to take on ‘offensive threat’

Head football coach Gary Patterson detailed the strengths and weaknesses of the Utah football team TCU will face Thursday."They play well on special teams,...

Frogs prepare for next game

Amidst the sounds of creaking pads, grunting men and the heavy thuds of bodies colliding, one noise at Tuesday's practice made Saturday's victory over Oklahoma seem relatively unimportant.The voice of a very unhappy coach.

Despite the Horned Frogs' upset over the No. 7-ranked Sooners, despite TCU's jump to No. 22 in the Associated Press Media rankings and despite the defense holding OU running back and Heisman Trophy candidate Adrian Peterson to 63 yards, players said head coach Gary Patterson made it clear that the past weekend is exactly that - the past.

Healthy Gunn hopes to duplicate 2003 success

Senior quarterback Tye Gunn just might know how much one man can take."No one really knows what I've gone through," Gunn said, pointing at multiple scars.

Gunn, who has suffered through a separated shoulder, a torn ACL, a dislocated pinky and a torn groin muscle, has missed 17 starts over the past three years, but said he has worked hard in the offseason to prepare for his senior year.

"I've put on about 20 pounds to try and prevent the smaller injuries, try to bulk up a bit," Gunn said.

Campus organizations step up to aid victims

TCU is beginning a three-stage system giving students opportunities to aid Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.Fernando Vasquez, director of community services, said Student Development Services and University Ministries began stage one Wednesday.

Stage one is aimed at raising money, and there will be staffed tables with donation cans in every residence hall, the bookstore and the recreation center, Vasquez said.

Crossing paths

For Army Staff Sgt. Richard Brown, planting one white cross represented far more than a commemoration of a life lost.Marine 2nd Lt. Therrel Childers, Brown's brother-in-law, died March 21, 2003, making him one of the first recorded casualties of the Iraq campaign. Even though Childers died more than two years ago, Cindy Sheehan's recent protests in Crawford have resurrected his name.

New AD aims to leave mark

In a time when the world of sports is so concerned with the words "I," "Me" and "You," TCU seems to have found an individual who still knows the meaning of "We."Daniel Morrison Jr., TCU's new athletics director, has expectations set far beyond the simple science of team records and goal differentials.

"Things are already working pretty well here. We just need to make a few tweaks," Morrison said. "We just want to help young athletes reach their abilities."

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