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Making the jump

Everyone knows college basketball players can jump.So much of hoops is played in the air. Rebounds, dunks, fadeaways, shot blocking - the list goes on. And for the most part, leaping ability seems to be one thing that most Division I ball players have got figured out.

But there's jumping . and then there's the Jump. And for all the complexities inherent in the game of basketball, nothing may be more difficult for young men and women to understand than that one Jump: moving from high school to college ball.

Mind over muscle

Is Couric good fit for hard news?

Just like that, on the very day journalism legend Bob Schieffer came to the TCU campus to talk, he was replaced.But maybe even more alarming than the timing of the announcement of Schieffer's successor on the "CBS Evening News" was the person selected - Katie Couric.

Few would question Couric's substantial popularity; even those who don't find her work interesting have to admit that she has a substantial following. But the debate here is not over whether CBS chose a journalist with appropriate notoriety, but whether they even chose a hard-news journalist at all.

Women’s Tennis: Coach plays fatherly role

This is a story.About a man named Borelli, who was busy with 13 girls he called his own. They were tennis players, working all together, and they were anything but all alone.

Yes, that's the way this team became the Borelli bunch.

And, as it would seem, everyone is more than willing to admit that TCU women's tennis head coach is exactly the gifted father figure he's made up to be - except for Dave Borelli himself.

Three team representatives head into Austin’s Texas Relays events

The TCU Flyin' Frogs are about to begin their biggest outdoor match this season - or at least three of them, anyways.Senior Katrina Zielinski, junior McKale Davis and sophomore Cassie Hostick will be TCU's only three representatives on the first day of the 79th Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays track meet in Austin.

Both Zielinski and Davis will compete in the women's 10,000-meter invitational run and Hostick will race in the 1,500-meter run.

Online Exclusive!!! Baseball: Frogs beat Baylor with early offense

Like they have so many times this season, the Frogs found themselves facing an early deficit with the bat in their hands and men in scoring position. This time, however, TCU showed a little timely hitting can go a long way - a long, long way.The Frogs downed Baylor Tuesday night 18-8 after an explosive first inning that not only clinched the game early but may prove to be a turning point in what has been a disappointing season so far.

Selig’s crusade comes too late

Sorry, Bud Selig, but you're not fooling anyone.Yes, the steps Major League Baseball - and you, as its commissioner - appears to have taken toward the eradication of steroids in the sport are considered positives. And yes, it is likely that, with your new policies in place, professional athletes will think twice about juicing up.

But let's be honest. All this recent work you've done to regulate performance-enhancing drugs isn't about creating a better future, is it?

It's about cleaning up the past.

Students need help, not dismissal

The purpose of college is to help young men and women grow into adulthood and to not only educate its students, but also allow...

Q & A with Herb Taylor

If you could play one other position in football, which one would it be and why?(Wide) Receiver because I probably feel like I'd be...

Frogs win first of two games in doubleheader

The men's tennis team won the first match of Wednesday's doubleheader by a resounding score of 6-0 over Wichita State - but not every one of those wins came easy.Long after the afternoon match had already been clinched with four TCU victories, senior Rafael Abreu and sophomore Cosmin Cotet were still battling for victories that, while meaningless for the win, proved to be statement games for a roster that is struggling to find its groove after a difficult stretch in its schedule.

Head coach Joey Riv‚ said the Frogs' performance against WSU was a good sign for his players.

Women’s Tennis: Team rides four-game streak

It's been exactly 17 days since California's women's tennis team has played an NCAA match, yet TCU head coach Dave Borelli said the No. 9 Golden Bears will likely be as dangerous as ever in today's afternoon match."(California's long layoff) is both good and bad," Borelli said. "In tennis they are used to doing that. It gives you a chance to take it easy and get back on track again. If they beat us, it was a good thing (for them); if they don't, it was a bad thing."

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