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Achievement should be focal point

No one likes stories without happy endings.The dragon should be slain every time, the damsel should never go without rescue, and Cinderella should always land her prince. Unless of course it's NCAA basketball; then Cinderella rarely leaves smiling.

America may not like sad conclusions, but college hoops enthusiasts everywhere should learn not to bemoan a mid-major's eventual season's end, but to applaud the achievements of a team that no one expected to contend.

Commentary: Valley Ranch too small for Terrell Owens’ ego

And just when we thought the Dallas Cowboys might be getting better. After the 2005 season's dynamite rookie draft, strong free-agent signings and signs of a decent run at the playoffs, America's team was poised to once again topple the NFC East and reclaim the championships of the glory days.

And then Jerry Jones pulled the biggest pistol he could find, loaded it, cocked it and shot himself right in the foot.

Baylor Bears crush Frogs

The Horned Frogs didn't just find a way to lose in Tuesday night's game at Baylor - they found a lot of them. In a game that featured a dizzying variety of errors, contested calls and sloppy play, TCU fell to an early deficit that would prove too much to overcome in a 10-4 loss.

Neither head coach Jim Schlossnagle nor TCU players were available for comment after the game.

Online Exclusive!!! Knockout Knights

All the questions of the past two days revolved around where junior guard Natasha Lacy had gone to, and what her Lady Frogs would...

Prevention should be main issue

Everyone knows about the war on terror.Since the horrific events on that September morning nearly five years ago, our country has steadfastly battled the forces that made 9/11 possible. Almost 3,000 people died that day, and America responded.

Across the globe, millions of children are feeling a similar loss, but for a completely different reason - AIDS.

So then where is the war on disease?

Baseball: Pitcher says conditioning improving with each start

Senior Shawn Ferguson said is hoping the third time will be a charm for him tonight as the Horned Frogs head to Waco for...

Required college acceptance unfair

In a plan that insidehighered.com has hailed as "brilliantly simple," students at San Marcos High School in San Marcos are now required to gain...

Point: Bonds’ steroid use not enough to overshadow early successes

And just when we thought Giants slugger Barry Bonds was in the clear. Or on the Clear. Or was it the Cream? At this point, it's pretty much anything under the sun that can fit in a syringe.Just after the nationwide buzz about Bonds' grand jury testimony regarding his alleged steroid abuse was starting to settle down, two San Francisco Chronicle reporters relit the fuse on the steroids powder keg by releasing parts of their soon-to-be published book "Game of Shadows" to Sports Illustrated.

Online Exclusive!!! Track: Six Flyin’ Frogs to compete in NCAA Indoor...

The Flyin' Frogs have reached the culmination of the season's indoor competition: the NCAA Indoor Championships in Fayetteville, AR.The track and field team will...

Women’s Tennis: Frogs sweep Sooners

The Horned Frogs continued to utilize home-advantage Wednesday, beating Oklahoma 7-0 and extending their home-winning record to 4-0.TCU (6-3) controlled almost every match, and lost only one set to the Sooners (4-5) all day. Head coach Dave Borelli said despite the Frogs' obvious skill advantage, he was pleased with the squad's effort.

"I thought it was good," Borelli said. "I thought we competed well. I think we're clearly a better team, but I thought we did a very good job of competing."

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