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Conservative party right in many ways but needs some help

To my fellow conservatives, I've learned and thought about a lot of political issues in my four years here at TCU. And, to the liberals, I think you'll find I'm fairly objective. Before I graduate, I'd like to leave you with my thoughts about what we, as conservatives, have right and what we're getting wrong.The first thing we have right is our patriotism - loving America is never the wrong thing to do. Patriotism is what made this country great and will keep it going. We also support our troops, which is the right thing to do.

United Nations’ selection criteria lacks; needs confederation system

The victorious powers of World War II created the United Nations in hope of staving off another war. What they ended up doing was creating a bureaucratic and ineffective organization that does not have the power to preserve peace. Primarily, the Security Council, the U.N.'s most important decision-making body, does not work. The five nations with veto power on the council are Russia, China, France, England and the United States.

What does this mean?

Current senator’s track record deserves 2008 nomination, win

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is the best candidate for president in 2008.He has numerous advantages over the candidates of the last decade, including a...

Candidate’s inexperience minus

Barack Obama is one of the more promising presidential candidates to come along in the last few years.He's easy on the eyes, speaks well and claims to be a moderate. He sounds like a shoo-in. However, it's likely there's more hype than substance to this presidential hopeful.

Obama's voting record is very short and, from what we have seen, has been extremely liberal. An independent, liberal, political organization, Americans for Democratic Action, gives Obama a 95 percent liberal rating, which matches Sens. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Protect your rights

Gun control has long been a subject of debate in this country. Whether private citizens should be allowed to own firearms under the Second...

Landmark ruling poisons politics

The recent ruling of the Massachusetts Supreme Court in favor of gay marriages has sparked controversy across the nation. In a 4-3 decision the...

Bush lays out bold agenda to solve American problems

Gone are the days of the Clinton administration — when government was the least exciting part of the evening news and politics was reduced...

Laws flawed, conflicting

Despite flaring emotions in America and a polarized debate on the issue, the case can be made against abortion without bringing religious beliefs into...

Public schools lack competition

No one can deny that our public school system is in trouble. Decreasing achievement, increasing violence, and general apathy seem to affect everyone involved....
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