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Government should have foreseen AIG mess

American International Group, the massive failing insurance firm which is now 80 percent owned by the U.S. government, recently announced $218 million in bonuses to top executives working in the financial products unit of the company, the division that drove the company into financial ruin only a short time ago.

Public outcry against this apparently egregious act erupted immediately after the news broke and Washington was quick to point fingers at Wall Street and join in on the protest.

Why the sudden outrage?

Nationalization of banks unwise solution to downturn

Many Democrats and even some prominent Republicans are calling for the federal government to nationalize major U.S. banks in order to control the current...

Proposed executive pay cap may harm economy

President Obama recently proposed an executive pay limit of $500,000 for companies receiving significant amounts of federal bailout money.This is a shrewd political move...

Blagojevich trial raises red flags about law

Is former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich the next Nelson Mandela? He'd like you to think so.

Comparing himself not only to Mandela, but also Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, Blagojevich professed his innocence across the airwaves and at his impeachment trial last week to no avail.

The now former governor has consistently denied any wrongdoing since U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald filed corruption charges against him in December.

Profuse spending not solution to economic woes

If the economy doesn't dramatically improve in the next two to three years, President Barack Obama could very well be a one-term president.

Just days after he assumes power, there is no doubt that the economy will be Obama's greatest domestic and political challenge.

It will greatly define not only his presidency, but his legacy.

Obama is inheriting a wide spectrum of weak economic figures including steep unemployment, a credit crisis, and a dismal housing market. All of which require his immediate attention.

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