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Recurring Battle

Kimmy Daycock fought cancer while
in diapers.
At two years old, Daycock, a sophomore
news-editorial journalism major,
was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma,
a rare form of childhood cancer.
Emergency surgery removed the cancer
and her right kidney, and left the toddler
with a scar that stretched across
her torso from hip to hip. Ten days
of radiation and five years of chemotherapy
At five, Daycock's cancer was in
remission. But that didn't stop the
Her first surgery created scar tissue

Amid hectic schedule, find room to enjoy college

I never had any intention of graduating early.

In fact, I did everything in my power to make sure it didn't happen.

I came to TCU still on hyperdrive from high school, and I brought an abundance of AP and transfer credits from a community college, and added to that a 12-credit Spanish class and multiple double-dipped core classes. As TCU is on a flat rate, I wasn't about to pay for classes I wasn't taking, so I also crammed my semester with as many as I could without having to pay for more.

Liberal arts degrees decline; opportunities still there

In kindergarten, parents encourage their children to follow their dreams and pursue a field they love. In college, when parents have to pay for school, the idea of pursuing a field based on passion changes drastically to pursuing a field that can potentially help pay off loans. This contradiction can make some fields and majors a little more difficult to follow than others."I knew I wanted to study religion coming into college," said Vanessa Van Auken, a senior religion and political science major. "But I was really scared starting as a religion major.

Group asks for extended nightly hours in library

College students often have erratic sleeping schedules, but a proposed change to the library hours would allow students to be use this fact to their benefits and be productive even into the wee hours of the morning.INTERCOM, a group of students representing most of the recognized organizations on campus, proposed to the Board of Trustees March 29 that the Mary Couts Burnett Library hours be extended, either to closing at 3 a.m. or remaining open 24 hours.

INTERCOM includes the Student Government Association, Panhellenic Council and Residence Hall Association.

SGA approves program to relay discounts

The Student Government Association hopes to make students more aware of student discounts available at local restaurants and businesses with the creation of a discount program, the student relations committee chair said.The program is the result of a resolution written by committee chair Justin Brown that passed unanimously in the House of Student Representatives meeting Tuesday, which calls for SGA to create a single list of discounts available to students off campus and allows for the possibility of creating signs for participating businesses.

Committee hopes to vend school supplies on campus

Though they started out as a convenient way to grab a drink or snack anywhere, vending machines now offer everything from books and DVDs...

Honors Program hires assistant director in preparation of college

A new position in the Honors Program has been created to help the growing program in its transition to becoming the Honors College in 2009.Peggy Watson, director of the Honors Program, announced at the Honors Achievement Celebration on Feb. 11 that English professor Ron Pitcock will become assistant director of the program, beginning fall 2007.

"The Honors Program has grown so much recently that it needs more than just one person," Pitcock said. "This is just one way of meeting those needs."

Professor: campus law school unlikely

A resolution supporting the creation of a law school at TCU passed in the Student Government Association House of Student Representative's meeting Tuesday, though the university's pre-law adviser said its creation is unlikely to happen anytime soon.The Resolution to Support the Creation of a Law School at Texas Christian University, which passed 27-5, was co-authored by the SGA executive cabinet and sophomore representative Haley Murphy.

Joint assembly discusses issue of child care

An overwhelming opinion emerged from students, faculty and staff at Thursday's joint assembly meeting: TCU needs some system of child care.The assembly, sponsored by the Student Relations Committee of the Faculty Senate, was designed solely to gather campus opinion on on-campus child care, said Cara Jacocks, Faculty Senate member.

"This meeting isn't intended to start putting together child care but to gather information about the need for it," Jacocks said.

Fair gives opportunity to obtain passports

After a relaxing Spring Break in Bermuda, you're ready to hop back on the plane before school starts again. Just one problem ... you can't board the plane.Due to a new travel regulation, people re-entering the United States by air are required to present proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a passport.

To help students, faculty and staff prepare for this change, Mailing Services and the Brown-Lupton Student Center are hosting a passport fair Feb. 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Student Center Lounge, said Glen Hulme, post office manager.

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