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SGA requires community service hours

Student Government Association representatives are now required to complete 10 hours of community service a semester, the SGA deputy chief of staff said at a meeting Tuesday night.SGA Deputy Chief of Staff Lauren Nixon presented the new service requirements to SGA members, which include five hours of service to the university and five hours to the community, during the SGA's weekly meeting.

Young equestrian team gains match experience

The first set of home equestrian meets of the semester was the building block for a young team, the head coach said.The Horned Frogs lost to the Fresno State Bulldogs by a final score of 1,161-1,059.5, Sunday. Both TCU and Fresno State won eight match points, but the Bulldogs managed to pull out more raw points from their events during the contest.

"In western performance, we did well," head coach Gary Reynolds said. "But our English performance really brought us down."

Leaders say campuswide student life calendar necessary

Faculty members of Student Development Services will meet Tuesday to decide how to put out a campuswide calendar that includes activities for more than 30 organizations on their Web site, the chairwoman of the Leadership Council said.Laura Rizzuto, chairwoman of the Leadership Council, organized a meeting of leaders from more than 30 student organizations Jan. 22 in order to develop the calendar. The collaboration in creating the calendar is a small step in unifying organizations across campus, Rizzuto said.

Council debates changes to grade appeals process

The Undergraduate Council discussed a proposal Friday that increases the number of members on the University Appeals Committee and shortens the amount of time students have to file appeals but ultimately decided to table the decision until the February meeting.David Whillock, chairman of the University Appeals Committee, and Bonnie Melhart, associate provost for academic affairs, have been working with a faculty task force and the rest of the committee since the fall to revise the current system students use to appeal received grades.

Service-learning center offers students grants for community programs

Undergraduate students can now receive grants for projects supporting community service, thanks to a growing service-learning program at TCU.Mark Dunleavy, a junior physics major, received $500 this semester to fund a physics olympics program for local high schools.

The olympics, in its second year, is coordinated by TCU's Society of Physics Students and will expose high school students to experiments and presentations in the sciences.

Parking areas not clearly defined

Our campus is booby trapped.I'm not kidding. There are several places on campus where the unsuspecting student will be innocently minding their own business, thinking they're doing nothing wrong and then "BOOM!" They find themselves short $75 for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm referring, of course, to parking spaces.

But not just any parking spaces. Six in particular, at the end of the middle row in the Colby Hall parking lot. And I'm warning you because I have been the unfortunate victim of such a booby trap in these spaces.

On-campus living demands not needed

Friday, the board of trustees decided that sophomores will be required to live on campus.I wish I could explain what logic is behind this, but I really can't imagine why the trustees would even consider this. Certainly this isn't another case of the peer universities doing this, because this is one of the first times I've heard of this being required.

I understand the desire to have freshmen remain on campus. If the university has the facilities, then it's a great way to make sure students get involved during their first year in college. But sophomores?

Court gag order chokes media from reporting essential news

It has been in just about every issue of the Skiff during the past week and has been covered several times in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The amount of coverage of the sexual assault case on campus has been a little overwhelming, and I'm surprised when I see something new in the paper every day. But this very thorough reporting is no reason to restrict the press if it feels the story is important.The recent gag order, as discussed in the Oct. 27 Star-Telegram and Skiff, was issued by District Judge Wayne Salvant at the request of attorney Gwinda Burns.

Cherish your relationships; don’t let titles guide your expectations

When my special someone and I recently decided to take a break from our relationship, we said for the most part things wouldn't change. We would still talk to each other often and would still spend time with each other when we returned home during holidays. In fact, the only thing that would really change would be our official status - we would no longer consider each other "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." We would even change our relationship status on Facebook.

Candidates don’t deserve disqualifications for Facebook groups

At my first TCU Homecoming, I didn't even realize we had a Mr. and Ms. TCU. After years of high school homecomings, this was a relief. Instead of selecting a queen and king, which implies royalty as well as popularity, we have Mr. and Ms. TCU - students who represent the ideal college student through contributions and involvement in the university and community. But the best part was that I didn't even know there was a competition.

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