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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Transfer credit policy should help students graduate

After looking at TCU's summer-school policy, a task force decided to amend the credit transfer policy, according to a Sept. 28 Skiff article. The new policy allows students to transfer only 12 hours from a community college before they earn 54 hours, or the equivalent of junior status, at TCU. I feel like a hypocrite saying it, and I know plenty of people disagree, but this amendment can only further TCU's reputation as a prestigious private university, and I believe this was the task force's intention.

Zero-tolerance toward gangs appreciated

Last week, lunchtime commuters on Hulen Street witnessed a bizarre incident at Arlington Heights High School. Fort Worth police arrested 20 people, ordering them to the ground and handcuffed them in the school's back parking lot, according to a story in the Sept. 28 Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The arrests are the result of the Police Department's stepped-up zero-tolerance policy to gangs and comes after a series of gang-related incidents on school campuses in the area.

ID Center needs new policy for lost cards

The only thing more traumatic for a TCU student than losing a student ID card is losing it on a Friday evening.Thus begins a...

Internet blogs invade privacy

Xanga scared me from the beginning.The idea of posting a diary online, for all the cyber world to see, appalled me. Throw in the...

Secret prison detainees still deserve humane treatment

I've never really had a problem with President Bush. Sure I'll laugh at some of his more ignorant statements (aka, "Bushisms"), but I've always...

Thinking behind fence fails to see inconveniences

It is not unusual that measures taken for safety also prove to be an inconvenience.Anyone who has stood in line barefoot for three hours while trying to catch a plane would agree. And while we have to acknowledge that we'd rather be inconvenienced than wind up in a worst case scenario, at times it doesn't seem worth it.

For example: the new fence going up around Worth Hills.

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