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Fort Worth
Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Fort Worth’s dog-chain ban step toward educating owners

The City Council of Fort Worth went one step farther than the Texas state legislature and banned chaining dogs in front and back yards.

Last summer, Texas House Bill 1411 was passed, making it a misdemeanor offense to chain a dog overnight, in extreme weather conditions or for longer than three consecutive hours.

They are serious about it, too. A fine of up to $500 comes with a first-time conviction, and jail time is possible for a second conviction.

Increase of red light cameras promote safety

During the last few months, red light cameras have been installed all around my home turf.

I see technicians out there regularly, adjusting the complicated equipment and wonder if anyone other than me is getting into the habit of looking up to see if there are cameras before deciding to slide through a yellow light?

I must mention, I have never gotten a ticket for running a red light, but I have lots of questions about the new camera system.

Who pays if someone borrows a car and runs a red light? What if the cameras and red lights get out of sync?

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