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Mother of octuplets deserving of criticism

Editor's note: This column was revised for accuracy at 4:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The 2.5 child average that American families normally have has been blown out of the water by single mother, Nadya Suleman.

Suleman is now a mom to a total of 14 children.

I am exhausted just thinking about 14 kids - let alone having to raise them.

Usually, Americans are overjoyed by multiple births.

Consumers should put an end to celebrity obsession

What crazy thing is Britney doing? Did you hear about John Travolta's son and his Scientology beliefs? Can you believe how fat Jessica...

Clinton excellent choice for secretary of state office

In the 30 years that Hillary Clinton has graced the political limelight, she has worked her way from the governor of Arkansas' wife to first lady of the United States and then to a New York senator before becoming the only female presidential candidate to ever really be taken seriously.

Now she has been appointed to one of the most prestigious positions in U.S. politics, and you can call her Madame Secretary.

Parking garage better alternative to shuttles

Every day as the clock strikes nine at TCU, campus parking lots are full of unfortunate students.Circling the lot, they hope against hope that...

Counterpoint: Obama signifies end of the status quo

Finally, the day has come when we can begin a positive change for our nation.

The past eight years have left our economy and civil liberties in the tank, and executive authority expanded to the point that must have the Founding Fathers turning in their graves.

As power shifts to President Obama, it will come as a complete contrast to the Bush doctrine.

We have one important change already enacted on day one - the opportunity to hope for a better future.

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