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Greek Village project aims to meet housing demands

As more additions and renovations take place around campus, the Greek Village project is on its way. The university recently tweeted a rendered photo of...

Students share importance of a college education

A mentor could help minority high school students understand the importance of higher education. Each year, TCU students help show local high school students what...

Video: Construction is ongoing but there are no health risks

Although construction around campus seems unending, there is nothing to be concerned about when breathing in the air. Construction companies have specific rules and regulations...

Bill passed to supply free scantrons in library

After five weeks of delay, a bill allocating money to purchase scantrons for students was passed by the House of Student Representatives Tuesday night.

The Student Government Association will purchase 2,500 scantrons to be placed in the Mary Couts Burnett Library for students free of charge, said Brett Neal, a junior representative from the College of Education and member of the Campus Advancement Committee.

SGA adopt resolution to improve wireless network

A new resolution was adopted Tuesday night by the House of Student Representatives to support the improvement of the university's student wireless connection.

The resolution was adopted to support the efforts of Technology Resources in seeking solutions to wireless connection problems, Rachel Adcock, SGA student body representative, said.

Student Wireless is getting worse, she said.

University offering new vaccine against various influenzas

The flu vaccine offered by the university this season contains both the seasonal flu vaccine and H1N1 to help prevent swine flu, the university medical director said.

In the past, the vaccination for the seasonal flu and swine flu were separate, said Jane Torgerson, university medical director. But since the outbreak of swine flu in 2009, the new vaccine contains H1N1, influenza A, H3N2, and influenza B viruses.

Tour showcases history of on-campus trees

Long before the first students set foot on the university, TCU's campus was prairie land. Most of the trees seen on campus were planted...

Free scantron bill awaits approval in SGA

A bill awaiting approval by SGA's Finance Committee may help students save a bit of money on test day.

Tuesday night, SGA Campus Advancement Committee proposed a bill to allocate money to purchase Scantrons for students, Jackie Wheeler, vice president of SGA, said. The Scantrons would be provided for free in the library.

The bill must be approved by the Finance Committee before a final decision by SGA members is made. If the bill is passed, SGA will make a trial run this semester by purchasing 2,500 Scantrons, Wheeler said.

Local restaurants hosting GameDay specials

Though the Horned Frogs are traveling to Utah this weekend, fans won't have to travel far to cheer on the team.

Nearby restaurants plan to offer a host of specials watch parties for Frog fans this weekend, and the game will even be broadcast in residence halls through a special negotiation with the university's cable provider.

An on-campus organized watch party is being hosted by HyperFrogs in 1873, student activities adviser Brad Thompson wrote in an e-mail. Sodexo will provide free chips, salsa and tie-dying outside 1873 before and during the game.

Students, professors discuss thoughts on Tuesday’s election

Governor Rick Perry's platform about making college affordable through funding for financial aid programs wouldn't affect the university since it is a private institution, a university political science professor said.

James Riddlesperger said for the state as whole, this year's elections were influenced more by each candidate's plans to pull state funds from one program and use them for another.

Perry, the Republican incumbent, defeated Democratic challenger Bill White to win a third four-year term as Texas governor.

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