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Students should limit activities, take time to relax

Joining and getting involved too much in college can become more of a hassle than not sometimes. College students generally feel the urgent need to get involved in their school or university in order to belong, to be accepted and to find people with whom friendships and relationships can occur and blossom. Through time, however, these once helpful and genial activities can quickly turn time-consuming and stressful. Yet, college students everywhere still feel determined to be as involved as possible as well as keeping themselves consistently busy.

Pet owners should read pet food labels carefully

On March 16, a nationwide recall of pet food was carried out after reports of several pets dying and others coping with kidney failure. Contamination was the conclusion with the belief that the polluted ingredient wheat gluten, which is dough washed clean of starch, was to blame.Pet-owners were thoroughly shocked at the deterioration of many of their pets' health, and the situation is not being handled the way that it should be.

Healthier babies encouraged instead of pressured

It is common knowledge that babies experience their most important developmental period when they are young, usually between the ages of 1 and 3. During this time, many parents are persistent and determined to expose their young infants to clever toys, classical CDs and other objects in order to expand their minds and, ultimately, to try to make them smarter and more intelligent. However, parents may not stop to think that perhaps their methods for helping their children could actually be more harmful to their infants.

Horoscopes, signs play role in personalities

There are many factors responsible - at least in part - in regard to the connections we make in life, whether business or personal. To make a connection with - or first impression on - a person, there are required actions one must fulfill, such as openness, friendliness and genuine interest in others. However, many people have wondered sometimes why they can't connect or become acquaintances with certain individuals. Though there usually isn't something obviously wrong or out of place; sometimes, it can be something that is felt but can't be outwardly explained.

Music paints perfect background for college life

In college, music is an extremely important part of people's lives. Many college students listen to music while multitasking with many other activities: doing their homework, walking to class or driving their cars. Music plays a major part in a college student's life, where local bands thrive by word of mouth or other unknown music groups gain popularity through repeated play. Personally, because of many people I have met, friends I have made, concerts or clubs I have attended, my musical tastes have adapted, molded and expanded due to these actions and changes in my life.

Materialism underrated; little things bring happiness

People like to have nice things, such as valuable clothes, sparkling jewelry, prized cars or an overall quality appearance.If one is frugal or clever, quality, designer or seemingly expensive items can be found at outlets or other stores for half of the price. There are others, however, who do shop around for deals, but if given the right circumstances and opportunities, certainly won't deny themselves the chance to have the real or expensive thing. Such spending habits on items aren't always wise and have the air of being flighty or impulsive.

Communicating with body important for interviewing

The body is a very useful and flexible thing; it is an instrument that can always surprise us with its capability and potential.Most people, however, don't know the exact way of using their bodies as tools or advantages when getting a job, landing an interview or making a good impression to others.

According to Business Week Online, words are only 7 percent of communication. The rest is composed of 55 percent visual communication, such as body language or eye contact, and 38 percent vocal communication, such as pitch, speed, volume and tone of a person's voice.

Confusion about heritage has many questions, few answers

Many people, even those considered to be American citizens, can trace their origins and ancestry to other parts of the world. There are those like myself, however, whose parents came from another country and were immigrants to the United States.As a second-generation child with Polish parents, the differences between immigrant parents and citizen offspring can be great, as can the differences felt between immigrant children and second-generation children in the United States.

Despite what people say, beauty does matter

"The cult of beauty is a cultural insanity," according to The Hindu Magazine. Truer words about beauty have never been spoken. In today's age, everyone must be and is beautiful. Some people go to surgeons for cosmetic operations, others seek tanning salons to darken their skin and most everyone has changed their hair color or tweezed their eyebrows from time to time. Why do we do all this?

Consider future problems, threats now

A group of scientists recently expressed their fervent concern when they decided to push forward the symbolic hands of their figurative Doomsday Clock closer to midnight, according to a Jan. 17 Associated Press article.This metaphorical clock signifies the ongoing threats of global disaster and calamity in our world. Each tick of this clock dismally shows how the growing dangers are rapidly continuing to make impacts that could possibly of harming humankind and our surroundings to the point of total destruction.

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