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Local businesses say economy not a problem

Students are keeping the local business around the university running regularly regardless of the economic downturn.

Llisa Lewis, manager of the TCU Barnes & Noble bookstore, said the bookstore is not affected by the university budget cuts, and the university-owned, Barnes-&-Noble-run bookstore is still doing well since it opened in January.

"We are following a normal game plan," Lewis said. "Everything is normally planned out in our marketing calendar."

Dean to retire after 37 years of university service

Mike McCracken, dean of the College of Science and Engineering, will step down at the end of this academic year after serving in that position for 27 years. McCracken said he had been thinking about retiring for the past two years and said he feels like doing something interesting with his life, like travelling, while he has no physical or health impediments.

"I am confident to leave," McCracken said. "The college is in great shape and will continue to function well."

Double-sided printing option in the works

Technology Resources is helping the university go green by working to make double-sided printing the default setting in the Mary Couts Burnett Library's information commons.

Bryan Lucas, executive director of Technology Resources, said the idea of double-sided printing was initiated by students at the beginning of the semester.

Each semester, students are given 200 free pages for printing in the Pharos system in the computer lab, and charges will apply after the first 200 pages.

Library gets new media databases

San-ky Kim, assistant professor of voice and music, said when he wanted to show students video clips of certain performances, he would have to refer to videos on YouTube.com.

The problem with YouTube, Kim said, is that the clips' quality and credibility are not guaranteed.

Sometimes, students are required to go to live performances but might not be able to make it to them.

Now his students can find video clips of some performances in new media databases available on the music and media library Web site.

Students engineer electric car from eBay purchase

A group of engineering students is turning a $500 vintage Porsche purchased on eBay into the first electric car produced on campus.

Stephen Weis, professor of engineering, said he developed the idea of working on an electric car project in June 2007 with David Yale, a technical support machinist at the College of Science and Engineering . He said students are managing the building process of the car, a 1974 Porche 914 bought off eBay with funds from the Energy Institute, on their own.

Faculty, staff launch car pooling program

Dusty Crocker, an assistant professor of professional practice in art, had to replace what he calls his "gas burner," a Ford Explorer, with a Ford Escape, a smaller sport utility vehicle, in order to get better gas mileage on his car.

Crocker lives 30 miles away from the university and has noticed cars driving the same direction to school with TCU parking stickers during his morning commutes.

"I have asked casually just to see if some other professors can carpool with me," Crocker said.

A solution to his problems is in the works.

University joins hands with Internet media outlets

The university has partnered with three independent media outlets to publicize campus news and information, an official for the Center for Instructional Services said.

Jess Price, media producer for CIS, said the university has officially adopted Web sites with YouTube, Twitter and iTunes U to keep people connected to the school.

Twitter is a free social networking and blogging site.

Price said people can go to the Web site to sign up to receive university news either through the Web site or through their cell phones.

New scholarship to benefit English students

A $50,000 scholarship award in the name of TCU alumna and author Sandra Brown will start taking applications this November, said the chair of the English department.

Dan Williams, English department chair, said the scholarship is intended to award one incoming junior each year by paying his or her full two-year tuition at TCU. English majors or minors interested in fiction writing and active in the English literary club at TCU will be eligible to apply for this award.

New program aims to prepare students for international jobs

An international certificate program designed for students interested in gaining international or intercultural competency is accepting applications now, an officer for the Center for International Studies said.

The Certificate in International Studies program aims to prepare students for international jobs and becoming global citizens by guiding them through the program accomplishing three major components: knowledge, skills and interactive perspectives, said Tracy Williams, associate director for the Center for International Studies.

Study Abroad provides access to emergency relief overseas

Students and employees traveling abroad will now have experts providing services from health care to political evacuations under guidance of TCU, an official in the Center for International Studies, TCU Abroad said.

TCU signed a contract with International SOS, an international emergency service provider, so students and employees who are studying or conducting research abroad with TCU will benefit from emergency medical, personal, travel, legal and security assistance services, said Tracy Williams, associate director for the Center for International Studies, TCU Abroad.

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