TCU alum survives full 40 days on MTV’s ‘Stranded With a...

TCU alumnus survives the full 40 days in MTV's Stranded With a Million Dollars.

Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ sparks new wave, face in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In an origin story on how Nick Fury loses his eye, Goose is the new hero we all deserve.

Five Fort Worth restaurants for graduation day

Some places are better for large parties, but expect a hefty wait if you don't have a reservation for post-graduation dining.

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 15 – Parts 1 & 2

Andrew, Richard and Michelle conclude their journey with Frogflix in this two-part episode.

TCU Sizzle Reel (Ep. 04 – Lion King, Dr. Strange and...

This week we talk about Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Lion King, Twilight and more.

“Get Out” is a hypnotically good horror film

The horror blends dread and laughter in the best way

Review: Experience a proxy war with misogyny with “Assassination Nation”  

Visually impressive and viscerally powerful, "Assassination Nation" declares war on the patriarchy with its combination of horror and dark humor.

TCU VGP (Ep. 06 – PS VR, Outlast 2 and more)

This week we talk about PS VR, Gears of War 4 reactions and a scorpio update. We also discuss the new Outlast 2 demo, updates for GTA and Overwatch, Bioware comics and Infinite Warfare storage issues.

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 11

All things Disney on this new episode of Frogflix. With special guest hosts Sinai Diaz and Brad Ramsey.

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 13

"Avengers: Endgame" may be running the show, but the hosts talk about some other news in the entertainment industry.
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