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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Construction projects set to rejuvenate campus

New construction projects on campus will revitalize the look of TCU.

Starting the conversation about eating disorders on campus

Eating disorders at TCU: it's a topic that we often don't discuss. One student opened up and shared her struggles.

Student authors college-friendly cookbook

TCU sophomore publishes a cookbook to offer simple, nutritious alternatives to college students.

Boxing club gives new meaning to “tough love”

Title Boxing gave boxers a chance to punch their ex on Valentine's Day.

Western culture in the Stockyards gives exposure to rising actor

Live shows give one man the ability to make a name for himself as he starts a new career.

TCU Pets on Spring Break

TCU students make travel plans with pets in mind.

TCU students will breathe deep to fight lung cancer

After the death of her father, a TCU senior is bringing an event called Breathe Deep TCU to campus to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research.
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