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Alum appearing on survival-style reality show ‘Stranded With a Million Dollars’

A TCU alum put his survival skills to the test. He is appearing on a new reality TV show which combines concepts from "Hunger Games" with "Survivor."

Who’s your (Frog) Daddy?

One TCU superfan is as much a part of his community in normal life as he is on gamedays.

Dr. Mike Slattery: The man behind TCU’s Rhino Initiative

Dr. Mike Slattery started the TCU Rhino Initiative in 2014 and has devoted most of his time and work to the betterment of the rhino species.

TCU alum survives full 40 days on MTV’s ‘Stranded With a Million Dollars’

TCU alumnus survives the full 40 days in MTV's Stranded With a Million Dollars.

Youngest TCU Graduate to date

One TCU Senior is looking forward to Graduate School and getting his drivers license.

From Muscat to Fort Worth

One TCU student is the school's first from Muscat, Oman.

Meet Diane Snow, new dean of the John V. Roach Honors College

The new dean of the John V. Roach Honors College has plans for the college.

Is TCU’s firework obsession because of Boschini? ‘It doesn’t hurt.’

It's not hard to find fireworks at a TCU celebration, and the school spends thousands on them each year. But the Chancellor says it's worth it.

TCU alumnus makes top 4 on MTV’s “Stranded With A Million Dollars”

Alex Apple is doing whatever it takes not just to win $1 million, but to survive.

How the pandemic has affected the strategies of fighting hunger

A collaborative project from JOUR 30204 035/065 students looks at the issue of Hunger in America.
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