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Saturday, December 4, 2021

TCU’s A Cappella Society kicked off its season at the annual Fall Concert

Two of TCU's a cappella groups, "Here Comes Treble" and "The Horned Tones," made their first appearances of the semester back on TCU's campus this semester at the annual Fall Concert.

Students open up at the Dear World College Tour

Everyone has a story at TCU. Read a few of them.

Boxing club gives new meaning to “tough love”

Title Boxing gave boxers a chance to punch their ex on Valentine's Day.

Homecoming candidates speak on qualifying for Mr. and Ms. TCU final 10

Mr. and Ms. TCU will be announced during Saturday's homecoming game.

Student tells story of his life through one-man show

With no previous connections to TCU, find out how this student's passion led him here.

TCU alumna, country artist releases new single

Adrian Johnston, a TCU alumna and country artist, visited TCU as part of her radio touring promoting her new single "Rather Have You."

TCU alumnus makes top 4 on MTV’s “Stranded With A Million Dollars”

Alex Apple is doing whatever it takes not just to win $1 million, but to survive.

Golfer accepted into multiple law schools

Law school options isn't the problem for one golf player.

Learn the basics behind popular new game: Fortnite Battle Royale

Find out about the one video game TCU students are playing.

From the basketball court to the recording studio

Toree Thompson balances her role as a basketball player with her passion for rapping.
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