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Image magazine

Image magazine, which was founded in 1973, is a general interest magazine produced by TCU students. It is printed once a semester.

Creating a QB: Casey Pachall’s high school story

Casey Pachall stepped out of the Baylor visitor’s locker room, the tattoos on his chest and arms up close and visible and his shaggy...

Image Magazine: Winter 2018

The winter edition of Image magazine has topics ranging from sustainability in the fashion industry to our very own Master's of Fine Arts graduate students.

Here, there and back again

Anne Helmreich, an art historian who has a history with TCU, is now making the school a part of her future.

OPINION: Campus has a lot to offer

Not everyone is able to study abroad during their years at TCU. Junior nutrition major Lindsay Garrison shares the perks of staying on campus.

Vice chancellor shares her story of persistence and hope

Nearly 20 years ago she was a divorced mother of two struggling to care for her family. She still recalls the day she stood...

TCU and Fort Worth take note of sexual progression

Down an easy-to-miss, unassuming side street behind Dos Gringos restaurant lies a business with an idea new to the city of Fort Worth. The...

Some TCU students have found their best friends on the internet

Four years ago, Cassandra Tennison joined a Jonas Brothers fan site through MySpace. Little did she know that the people she met there would...

A TCU tradition: Ol’ South at 2 a.m.

Everybody knows that if you are going to go to Ol’ South Pancake House, you have to do it right. And by right, I mean...

Inside the mind of Chancellor Victor Boschini

To understand the complexity and depth of Victor Boschini, you’d first have to understand this: He doesn't take himself very seriously. Ask him, and he’ll...

Eating disorders: where to get help

Looking Forward: Campus Initiatives Martha Mosley, a senior who has recovered from anorexia, is working with a friend, Natalie Parys, to create a support group for students...
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