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Friday, October 22, 2021

TCU Sizzle Reel (Ep. 09 – Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, AHS and more)

This week we talk about the release of the new Wonder Woman trailer, an AHS crossover, a big Agents of Shield reveal and the setting of the upcoming Predator movie. We also discuss some recent updates regarding Beauty & the Beast, Arrow, Fantastic Beasts 2, Stranger Things and more.

TCU Sizzle Reel (Ep. 08 – Halloween films, The Walking Dead and more)

This week we hold a discussion on the state of Halloween movies, and we also discuss the season seven opening of "The Walking Dead." We also talk about Deadpool 2, God Particle, Star Wars casting and much more.

Sizzle Reel (Ep. 01 – DCEU, Harry Potter and more)

This week, we talk about the latest news from Marvel and DC, a possible new Potter trilogy and the movies we’re looking forward to the most this fall. We also talk about updates on the Avatar sequels and the Divergent series.

Sizzle Reel (Ep. 02 – Blair Witch, Fox and more)

This week, we talk about the villains set to appear in Wolverine 3, our thoughts on the new Blair Witch movie, what Fantastic Beasts could have been and more.
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