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The Leap: JoJo Siwa breakup, new Ghostbusters movie, and more

https://vimeo.com/640250730 JoJo Siwa breaks up with her girlfriend, new Ghostbusters movie, plus Kim Kardashian West announces collab with Fendi. Welcome to episode 6 of The...

Silent demonstrations continue

The silent protests will continue during sporting events.

University tests alert system to practice safety preparedness

Students and faculty reflect on ways to improve TCU's emergency communication methods nearly a year after the system experienced malfunctions.

Hispanic voters credit O’Rourke for their participation

Texas had a higher voter turnout, especially amongst Latinos. Some say O'Rourke inspired them to vote to hopefully see a change in government.

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 1

Andrew, Richard and Michelle are back with the latest scoop on entertainment and the Oscars.

News Now 11/13/19

This week on TCU News Now, the tuition increase students can expect to see, an update on the Trump impeachment hearings, and more on the controversial ending to last weekend's game against Baylor.

Listen: Frogflix (Season 2): Episode 9

On this episode of Frogflix, the co-hosts continue to discuss the movie "Us" and talk about Netflix, A24 and more.

Dear World: More than a portrait

Dear World is a storytelling project that has a unique twist.

The Leap: Astroworld, Ariana Grande makeup line, and more

https://vimeo.com/645224459 Astroworld, Ariana Grande announces new makeup line, plus How I Met Your Mother spinoff and new music. Welcome to episode eight of The Leap.

News Now 1/15/20

This week on TCU News Now, the breakdown of last night's Democratic Debate and the latest on the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.
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