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Lodolo, Frogs earn key 9-4 victory over Baylor in series opener

TCU captured an early lead and never let it go in a 9-4 series-opening win against Baylor on Friday.

SGA elections: A guide to candidate platforms

Take a look at the choices for the 2017 SGA cabinet positions.

TCU Army ROTC gives back to community with trash pickup

TCU Army ROTC filled dozens of bags of trash while cleaning up Trinity park.

Ceremony marks official opening for Newman Center

The TCU Catholic Newman Center was officially opened Wednesday.

New voters: deadline to register for Texas primary is Feb. 1

There's still time to register to vote in the primaries. Here's how to get started.

Grants promote research in the College of Science and Engineering

Students in the College of Science and Engineering get the opportunity to work on research projects.

Solar eclipse livestream

We are partnering with TCU Physics and Astronomy to livestream the solar eclipse. The eclipse will peak at 1:08:40 p.m. CDT, when the moon obscures 74.5% of the sun.

Is TCU’s firework obsession because of Boschini? ‘It doesn’t hurt.’

It's not hard to find fireworks at a TCU celebration, and the school spends thousands on them each year. But the Chancellor says it's worth it.

Gender gap increases in colleges around the nation

TCU isn't the only university that is seeing an uneven male-female ratio.

Trivia Thursday: TCU Football Edition

Test your TCU football knowledge in this week's Trivia Thursday.
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