SGA establishes Random Acts of Kindness Day to remind students of...

The event includes donuts and the chance for students to write cards to one another.

New Stepmills at REC Center

Students and Faculty members step out of the semester with new stepmills at the REC.

FAFSA and TCU to include two years of tax income data

TCU is altering its FAFSA requirements.

Early action option removed from admission process

TCU continually looks to improve the incoming class and has improved the application process with hopes to do just that.

LGBTQ community discusses improvements, problems on campus

TCU faculty and students discuss the importance of improving on LGBTQ related issues at TCU.

TCU police investigating report of religious harassment

TCU Police continue to investigate a report of religious harassment in Moncrief Hall.

Interdisciplinary Studies celebrates their public launch

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies celebrates their public launch, engaging students with programs that empower change.

Students attend lecture about significance of Latino voters in 2016 election

TCU hosted a discussion about Latino voters in this year's election.

APO hosts blood drive on campus

Theron Smith said he was nervous as he sat in the waiting area to donate blood to the Red Cross as part of Alpha...

Gamer’s Guild brings in new generation of games into club

As a new generation of gamers comes to the TCU Gamer's Guild, the type of games played--and the culture--has had to adapt.
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