Students with learning disabilities feel well accommodated at TCU

Some TCU students with learning disabilities say that if it weren't for their accommodations from the Student Disabilities Services department, they may not have been as successful throughout their college career.

Boschini talks: construction, parking, tuition, enrollment, DEI, a student trustee

Chancellor Victor Boschini discusses the major topics from the most recent Board of Trustees meeting.

Dahlberg named provost

TCU has chosen Dr. Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg to be the next provost.

TCU class of 2020 breaks gender ratio

For the first time in over 10 years, the TCU class of 2020 is below 60 percent female.

TCU dean of admission promotes diversity, equity and inclusion

TCU's dean of admission Heath Einstein is the image of diversity, equity and inclusion.

TCU has $1 billion endowment; Congress wants to know why

Congress is looking into how TCU and 55 other private schools use their endowments of over $1 billion.

Opponent of restructuring employee benefits removed from committee

Boschini has to make a recommendation to the board of trustees about restructuring faculty benefits by the next meeting in April.

City council approves new definition of ‘single housekeeping unit’

The council's vote will not force TCU students living off-campus to find new arrangements.

Search for new provost moving fast

TCU looks to select a new candidate for provost position by December.

Gender gap increases in colleges around the nation

TCU isn't the only university that is seeing an uneven male-female ratio.
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